Job Description: Data Analyst Jobs 


Job Description: Data Analyst Jobs

For people who enjoy analyzing documents and information, Data Analyst jobs are ideal. They allow for some creativity in terms of how data is used and interpreted, but they are also held to strict guidelines in some industries. Therefore, the best Data Analyst is one who understands his or her field comprehensively.

The Job

Work realities:
Data Analyst jobs require a great deal of focus and discipline. The Data Analyst can expect to spend a lot of time looking at databases, charts and other informative items. Then, he or she must use the data to put together reports and updates for his or her intended audience, such as a managerial team, sales group or even the public.

Those who have proven they can do well in the Data Analyst job marketplace can command higher salaries. Currently, the range for Data Analyst positions in the business sector is roughly $42,000 to $70,000.

Reporting to:
Data Analysts can report to any number of personnel. These could be mid-level managers, or they could be corporate executives. Their direct reports will depend upon the industry and size of company in which they work.

Data Analysts are looked upon to accurately take data pertaining to the company, to its products/services, to its clientele, or to other areas, and then turn that data into useable charts, graphs, reports and other sources of information. The job relies more on data than it does on person-to-person communication; however, this does not mean the Data Analyst will not be in contact with individuals. He or she must be able to give explanations when needed, or present meaningful reports during meetings.

Data Analyst jobs can be found in many different verticals, including IT, banking/finance, manufacturing, government, healthcare and business.

Future possibilities:
Data Analyst jobs can lead to supervisory positions if the Data Analyst shows a penchant for being able to do his or her task proficient, and he or she can lead a team.

Required Skills and Training

A Data Analyst may have no formal training or degree, but the likelihood of getting a Data Analyst job rises if the person has a background in IT. Even a two-year degree or a certification can be helpful. If the Data Analyst wants to move into a management position, he or she might be wise to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Some Data Analysts have come to the field without experience in this particular job role. However, it’s becoming more unusual as growing numbers of people hold academic degrees and training certifications. Thus, if a Data Analyst job is sought, the individual may want to look for internships or volunteer opportunities with nonprofits to increase his or her chance of getting work.

Skills and Certifications:
Because Data Analysts are often privy to secure and encrypted information, they must have a clear criminal background. They may also be regularly asked to take drug tests.


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