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As a UX/UI developer, your role is to successfully develop, monitor and improve users’ overall experience when they visit your company’s website. Your objective is not only to ensure users have a memorable experience each time they visit the website, but also to help convert leads into sales.

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all about UX/UI developer jobs

Creating a strong user experience has never been more important. It’s a key factor in a company’s website and ecommerce success, and it can have a significant impact on how long and how often users visit a website, marketing efforts, SEO campaigns, and many other business factors.

You will work on the creative design of the website, the overall flow, how to direct website traffic, and make it easy to move from one page to the next, so users can find what they are looking for. With increased emphasis on ecommerce, job prospects in this area are good for the foreseeable future.

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what UX/UI developer jobs entail

UX developers might work in a large corporate office, marketing boutique or even remotely. Office hours can be varied based on the company and project you are working on. Expect to work longer hours, evenings, and weekends as projects come to a close. In most cases, you will work closely with a team of web designers and programmers and report to the project manager or technology manager for your company.

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average UX/UI developer salaries

The average salary for a user experience developer working for a company in Canada is about $60,000 per year. Professionals new to this field can expect a starting salary of about $42,000 per year. With experience, you can make up to $90,000 annually. Possessing additional related skills, such as interaction design, can help increase your earning potential. Profit sharing, bonuses, and employee benefits may also be included in your compensation package.

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your day to day tasks

While your day-to-day tasks will vary significantly based on the type of project you are working on and how deep you are into a project, here are some of the responsibilities that will be part of your role:

  • creating the user experience vision
  • executing and sign off on all design elements
  • creating wireframes and storyboards to map the customer journey
  • presenting and provide support for user experience designs
  • conducting user research to understand your demographic
  • establish design best practices and guidelines
  • liaising with other professionals with vested interests in the project
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where you can work

Any company with a strong web presence or looking to improve their website and increase sales is in need of UX/UI developers to be part of their team. There are ample opportunities to work with companies in retail, ecommerce, sales, marketing and many other industries with companies from startups to multinational corporations. Many user experience professionals also work for marketing or web design agencies or work on a consulting/ freelance basis. Cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are known for having more opportunities in this field of work as well as other regions with a large technology presence.

UX/UI developer jobs in canada

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what you bring to the table

As a UX designer, you will be expected to have your hand on the pulse of the leading user experience technologies, tools, and strategies. Some of the many skills you will be expected to have when being interviewed by companies include:

  • research methods and statistics
  • adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and front end coding
  • usability testing and user interface design
  • wireframing and user experience design
  • web design and architecture
  • project management and interpersonal skills
  • social media, programming, and graphic design skills
  • creative, innovative and able to think outside the box

training and certifications

To qualify for a UX/UI developer role, most companies will require you to have a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, interaction design, graphic design or related fields. A master’s degree will give you an advantage over other applicants. You will have need to have proven experience in user interaction and user experience, have a strong portfolio of previous projects, and be proficient in a variety of software and tools. Being up to date with the latest UX and UI trends is an asset. Computer or UX certification is also beneficial.

where your career is headed

With experience, user design professionals tend to find an area of specialization within the field. With UX being a relatively new career, there are many new opportunities, and many yet to be determined career paths. Many experienced UX designers open their own consulting companies. Explore your career opportunities with Randstad Canada. Contact us to start your job search today!

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