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There’s no denying disruptive technology, automation and digital transformation will impact jobs and careers in the (very) near future. In a recent survey conducted in collaboration with research firm Ipsos, we asked over 1,200 women from across Canada to share how they feel about workplace issues currently impacting their careers such as automation and skills development. Here's what they had to say.



of female students are specializing in fields that will prepared them for advances in tech.


of women ranked the ability to adapt to new technology as the most important skill needed over the next decade


of women in manufacturing consider their sector the most threatened by tech innovation


of women think employer should help employees whose jobs are replaced by automation by finding them another job in the organization 

54% of women are not currently doing anything to protect their career from being negatively impacted by technology.

Women think out of the box. They are creative and compassionate and are willing to adopt new ways of thinking or doing things.

quote from a survey participant


of women view themselves as risk takers and innovators


of women fear losing their job due to automation in the next decade


of women think the manufacturing sector is the most at risk


of women identify empathy as the top skill they bring to the workplace

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