what personal data do we collect?

Randstad’s goal is to help ensure that all personal information collected, used and disclosed has a clear and legitimate purpose. Accordingly, we have no interest in gathering more personal information than is reasonably required. Examples of the types of personal information that Randstad may require include:

  • Name, date of birth, gender, marital status, beneficiaries, identification numbers, including social insurance number and other identifying information, such as photographs;
  • Background information and other information obtained during the job application and interview process, including education, training, work history and reference information, professional or other designations;
  • Contract information, such as personal address, telephone number, cellular phone number, email address and emergency contact information;
  • Health and medical information, including personal, emergency contact, health information of Personnel, their spouses and dependents, beneficiaries, information regarding fitness for work;
  • Randstad work history, experience, training, compensation information and employment performance/disciplinary matters, promotion/demotion, service, including breaks in service, vacation, leaves of absence, attendance;

why do we need your personal data?

Randstad is a global recruiter who processes personal information (including sensitive personal information) to assess individuals’ candidacy for employment at Randstad and Randstad’s clients and potential clients and for related administrative purposes (our “purpose”). 

By creating an account and using the Site or otherwise applying to Randstad, you agree that we may process your personal information for our purpose, related administrative purposes and other purposes set out in this Privacy Notice, and that we may change this Privacy Notice from time to time. You agree that our processing may include:

  • keeping a record of the information you provide to us;
  • adding information to your record about recruiting and placement activity that relates to you; 
  • collecting and retaining professional and employment-related information from professional directories and social networks, and other sources of publicly available information without notice; and 
  • passing on, or making available online, information about you to prospective employers and clients.

You also agree that 

  • we may use third parties to help us process your personal information; and
  • we may aggregate your personal information to create reports and data collections that do not include personal information. We own these reports and may use and disclose for any business purpose we deem to be valid.


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