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The COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes to the labour market and overall employer hiring trends. But trending jobs in Canada in 2022 and beyond don't owe everything to pandemic-related changes. Skills shortages were growing even before 2020, with COVID-19 only adding to the burden. The economic boom and rapid recovery in late 2020 and throughout 2021 has laid a foundation for many of the best jobs in 2022. And with employers in many industries struggling to fill open positions, qualified candidates have a good chance at landing the jobs they want most.

Other trends impacting the job market in the near future include the shift to remote and hybrid work and the need to reskill or upskill existing labour forces as consumer and business needs evolve. Both business leaders and workers want hybrid and remote options to remain available, even as the markets find stability and a new normal is established. But the new normal isn't a templated copy of the world prior to COVID-19. Many jobs don't exist in the same way they did before. That's leading to a need for cross-training or reskilling existing staff.

Discover more about these trends and how they’ll impact the job market. You'll find information about top jobs for 2022, positions where you can earn more money and a list of positions that are likely to stay or go remote in 2022.


top 15 jobs

The jobs expected to be most in demand in 2022 hail from a variety of industries, and the reason they’re trending varies. Jobs at the forefront of employer minds going into 2020 range from healthcare positions to logistics positions. The pandemic and other market factors play a role in what jobs you might see being advertised most this year. Here’s how some of the job market factors are driving trending jobs for the year.

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Female worker laughing. African-American woman. Hair up. Striped T-shirt. Primary color yellow. Secondary color blue.
the top 15 jobs in 2022

trending skills

Having the right skills for the position is critical to success as a job seeker. But many people don't realize that their skills aren't showing up well on their resumes, and that could be costing them an opportunity to interview for a top job. 

Many employers use applicant tracking systems to vet candidates before a person ever sees resumes, for example. ATS works by using machine learning and AI to review the content of a resume and applications package. The concept works much like how a search engine evaluates content on a website to decide if it should be included in the search results for a keyword query. If your resume doesn't have the right phrases to clue recruiters and applicant tracking systems into your skills, they may discount you as an unqualified applicant. 

So, what types of skills should you ensure you include on your resume? That obviously depends on the type of job you're seeking. The top 10 trending skills for jobs in 2022 are:

the top skills employers look for

Want to hone your skills and be a top candidate in 2022? Check out a list of the top 10 most in-demand skills employers are looking for.

top 10 skills in 2022
Man and woman sitting and having a conversation.
Man and woman sitting and having a conversation.

Here's a breakdown of some of the most-desired skills for various types of jobs:

  • Technology employers are looking for candidates with relevant coding skills, including popular languages like Java and JavaScript. As businesses look to reduce time to market and development costs, candidates that know multiple programming languages or can work with open source frameworks are desired.
  • Engineering employers are looking for candidates with skills that help reduce the costs of projects while ensuring work is on time and high quality. Project management and quality assurance skills are important to many employers, and AutoCAD remains a go-to requirement.
  • Sales and marketing employers need talent that can keep things organized while driving revenue. Trending skills in this sector range from digital marketing to project management.
  • Finance and accounting employers want talent that can help manage and safe money while supporting growing businesses. Employers may be looking for candidates familiar with international financial reporting standards, forensic accounting and anti-money laundering tools.
  • Human resources employers are searching for candidates with talent management software, human resource information system and applicant tracking software skills, among other qualifications. Candidates that can help businesses span the gap between human-centered processes and automations are desired.
  • Manufacturing employers are currently interested in candidates with skills such as TIG welding and PLC troubleshooting/programming. Practical skills that can be applied across numerous machines or positions may impress employers.
  • Logistics employers want to see candidates with forklift, material handling and pallet jack skills. Overall, supply chain businesses are in need of people with the skills that help keep processes moving.
  • Administrative employers are searching for candidates with organizational skills and the ability to use systems such as Microsoft Office. Bilingual French speakers are also in demand in this sector, which relies heavily on communication skills.
  • Customer service and call centre employers want to see candidates with bilingual French capabilities. Job seekers that are familiar with CRM software are also in demand because they’re more likely to hit the ground running in fast-paced customer service jobs..
  • Healthcare employers are looking for candidates with CPR, patient care and scheduling skills. Whether you’re looking for a clinical or admin position in the medical field, skills that support communication, patient care and sanitation are desired.

Remember that every job is different, so don't just cram some of the above skills on your resume and call it a day. Review the job posting and write down all the skills you have that address the needs and preferences expressed by the employer. Prioritize those skills by the most important relevant to the job description and ensure the top items show up clearly on your resume and are highlighted in your cover letter.

the top skills employers look for

Want to hone your skills and be a top candidate in 2022? Check out a list of the top 10 most in-demand skills employers are looking for.

top 10 skills in 2022

best paying jobs

Just because a job is trending doesn't mean it's the right opportunity for you, especially if you're looking to boost your income in 2022. If that's the case, though, there's a lot of good news for you when it comes to job trends for the new year.

First, overall salaries are trending up in Canada. While you won't see every position get a substantial boost, employers realize that the path to success in such a competitive market includes increased compensation. That's true for everything from warehouse and manufacturing jobs to leadership positions in technical departments.

However, some of the best jobs in Canada do pay a lot more than others. With the right credentials and experience, you can find plenty of positions paying $100,000 or more.

learn about top paying jobs

Want to find out more about why these jobs pay so well and whether you might be able to land one?

the best paying jobs

top remote jobs

Many people are interested in remote jobs for a number of reasons.

Some people are still worried about the health and safety ramifications associated with COVID-19. In some cases, the worries of the pandemic served to highlight other health concerns for individuals, and they simply don't feel as comfortable returning to an in-person workforce. Others may need or want to stay at home because of pre-existing conditions that leave them susceptible to illness or make it challenging to get a vaccine.

In many other cases, individuals simply found that remote work during the pandemic was a better fit with their work/life balance. Shutdowns and pandemic-driven work-from-home environments lasted long enough for people to adopt permanent habits around them. Almost two years later, it may be difficult to undo those choices, which might have included factors such as new pets, child care or even moving house.

For whatever reason, if you want to ensure you can remain in a remote position, or at least get the flexible benefits of a hybrid work environment, 2022 job trends should make you happy. 

Many employers are willing to invest in the future of remote and hybrid approaches. After all, being ready to shift into remote work at a moment's notice is good for business continuity — something employers learned the hard way during the pandemic. Making that shift often relies on an ongoing remote work solution being managed and in good working order before any event arises. That's leading companies to continue supporting remote work on an ongoing basis.

In short, if you want to work from home, you may be able to talk your employer into it if the position works outside of the office.

learn about the best remote jobs

If you're looking for top remote positions for 2022, learn about the 10 best remote jobs.

the best remote jobs
Man and woman having a meeting outside
Man and woman having a meeting outside

tips for landing a remote position in 2022

If you want to get a remote position in 2022, it helps to inspire confidence in employers that you're the right candidate for that type of work. Obviously, you should ensure your resume aligns with the job posting and that you're highlighting the skills, experience and credentials that make you a good pick for the position. But you can also do things to communicate your confidence in handling a remote potion. Some ideas include:

  • Include applicable online collaboration and remote work tools on your resume. If you've managed a Basecamp in the past or are adept at using VPN, those might be important to the employer.
  • Let the employer know about your experience and confidence in your cover letter. It can be as simple as acknowledging the fact that the job posting listed a remote position and indicating you're comfortable with that.
  • Do what you can to demonstrate that you're self-motivated and able to learn and work on your own. Be careful not to sound like you're not a good team player, but do take opportunities to share about times you solved problems or handled minor technical issues yourself.

learn about the best remote jobs

Interested in making a move to one of these positions that make remote work options more likely? Check out our article on 10 trending remote jobs for 2022.

the best remote jobs

top jobs per industry

If you want to drill down to the trending jobs in your particular field of expertise, we have the data. From the IT sector, where project management and development are critical, to healthcare, where everyone seems to need nurses, each industry has its own list of best jobs. Find out more about trending jobs in the top job sectors in Canada below.


top certifications

One way to make yourself a better contender in the job market — or potentially raise your value to employers for increased compensation — is by investing time and money in certifications.

Certifications are credentials awarded by third-party certifying bodies. Typically, to get a certification you must demonstrate a certain level of experience and knowledge in your niche or subject. That demonstration may be achieved by passing a test, presenting a portfolio of education and experience or completing an interview process. Often, a combination of those things is required.

Once you have the certification, you can put it on your resume. The credentials effectively act as a stamp of approval from a trusted body. Employers often rely on certifications when hiring people in certain niches because it helps them understand whether someone really does have the skills and experience to do the job.

Interested in building value for your resume but not sure where to start? Consider selecting a relevant certification for your industry and going after it. We've provided some top certifications for various job types below.

Two smiling women working on their laptop.
Two smiling women working on their laptop.

top certifications for logistics jobs

Certifications trending in the logistics sector mostly centre around driving and transportation. For instance a commercial driver’s license and forklift operator certifications. Learn more about the top certifications in the logistics sector in 2022. 

top logistics certifications

top certifications for tech jobs

Certifications are big in the tech sector, as they help nontechnical recruiting and hiring managers determine if candidates can demonstrate the skills they claim to have. Certifications that confirm your expertise in areas such as security, cloud, project management and networking are some of the most in demand. Learn more about the most desirable certifications for tech jobs in Canada.

top IT certifications

top certifications for engineering jobs

Engineering employers look for certifications to vet the knowledge and experience of potential candidates. Engineering is a heavily regulated industry, so certifications are a must for many employers in the sector. From entry-level Engineer in Training (EIT) to Professional Engineer (PE) there are plenty of certifications to showcase your expertise. Find out more about some of the top certifications in this sector.

top engineering certifications

top certifications for sales & marketing jobs

Hiring managers and recruiters in sales and marketing look to certifications to back up claims applicants make about skills and knowledge. Popular certifications in these sectors often centre around digital skills. On the marketing side that includes Google Analytics and social media. For sales roles, Salesforce and other CRM software certifications are most in demand. Get a more comprehensive look at top certifications for sales and marketing positions. 

top sales & marketing certifications

top certifications for finance & accounting jobs

Certifications are very important in heavily regulated finance and accounting jobs. They let employers know someone has the education and experience to qualify as an accountant or other type of finance professional. For example, a Certified Public Accountant credential indicates that you’ve successfully completed the education, work experience and exam to demonstrate your skills. Find out more about top accounting and finance certifications employers look for.

top finance certifications

top certifications for manufacturing jobs

Manufacturing certifications show that you have skills and experience with certain machinery. In many cases, employers may not allow uncertified employees to handle specific work due to legal or liability issues. Some popular options are 433A certification or a Class 5 drivers license. Find out more about trending certifications for manufacturing positions. 

top manufacturing certifications

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