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The past year was mostly good to the Canadian economy. Though we experienced some stock market blips and uncertainty in our trade relationship with the US, overall, Canada's economy is growing at a slow but steady pace. Unemployment is at a near record low. That's good news for anyone looking for work, as job opportunities outpace the number of people to fill them. However, the pressure is on for Canadian employers, who must work harder to stay competitive in the intense market for talent. After compiling data and crunching the numbers, we've pinpointed the best jobs for 2019. Are your skills and experience in demand in 2019?

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IT was the single fastest growing sector in Canada last year. That spells good things for 2019, as Canada continues to attract attention (and jobs) thanks to its booming tech scene. Programming and dev skills are particularly in demand.

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Let's lay to rest the fears that AI and technology are coming to replace administrative office staff. Admin staff are as in-demand as ever. However their responsibilities are changing. In 2019, administrative support staff with specialization in areas such as tech software or accounting are in high demand.

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The manufacturing industry had a challenging 2018, with trade disputes and various factory closures dominating the headlines. With the USMCA deal settled and set to come into effect next year, look for 2019 to be a smoother road for manufacturers. As for where the jobs in this sector are headed, we're seeing a shift away from generalist skills and toward skilled trades.

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The logistics sector had a good year in Canada, with some big names announcing the opening of new distribution centres and warehouses across Canada. With those new centres come a need for more workers. Expect to see the logistics sector grow in 2019, as e-commerce sales grow at a steady clip.

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Canada's fast-growing population has led to an intense demand for new housing and infrastructure. In Canada's largest cities you can hardly throw a stone without hitting a big construction project. It's not just civil engineers that are in demand, though. Engineering disciplines ranging from electrical to mechanical to manufacturing are growing in 2019.

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finance and accounting

Though Canada's financial industry experienced some blips over the past year, it remains a key sector in 2019. Five of Canada's ten largest employers operate in this sector. Watch for data security to be a key concern in 2019, as public awareness of cyber-security issues becomes more mainstream thanks to some big-name data breaches.

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sales and marketing

Sales and marketing jobs have gone digital. Sales and marketing jobs are deeply intertwined with digital technology and data analysis. You can't have one without the other. If you want to succeed in this sector in 2019, hone your tech skills. Knowledge of CRMs, SEO, google analytics and other digital tools are the future of sales and marketing.

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human resources

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for HR. With unemployment rates holding steady at near record lows, the onus is on HR professionals to close the talent gap, and keep their organization's talent pipeline flowing. From finding creative ways to engage employees and reduce turnover, to building an employer brand that draws in fresh talent, HR will play a vital role in helping workplaces succeed in 2019.

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customer support

Despite worries that customer service jobs would be outsourced and rendered obsolete by AI, this sector continues to be an important one in 2019. The skills employers are looking for are shifting though. Friendly, customer-oriented professionals are always needed, but we're seeing more demand for tech savvy individuals with expertise in tech support and CRMs.

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