10 jobs that are emerging in 2019

As our lives become deeply intertwined with technology, new roles are emerging on the job market. It's no surprise that many these roles focus on IT skills such as blockchain, machine learning, cyber security and AI. However, we're also seeing more people-centric specialties emerge. As customers become accustomed to interacting with machines, organizations with a people-first approach are a breath of fresh air. Companies are tapping into the desire for more human interaction. From making it easier for customers to connect via live chat, to building an entire branch of marketing around optimizing the customer journey, organizations are realizing that customers want more than just cutting-edge tech. Future success requires balancing high-tech solutions with a people-centric approach.


blockchain developer

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of blockchain, the technology that underpins popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Though most closely associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain actually has many other applications. It's a chronological ledger of records (aka blocks); new data is added to the end of a chain, rather than writing over old data. That makes it difficult, if not impossible, to alter. As a result, blockchain is known for being extremely secure. As more companies turn to blockchain for its secure nature, expect the need for blockchain developers to grow, too.

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automation engineer

Over the last year, discussion surrounding automation and its impact on jobs has ramped up. Robots and autonomous technology seem to be the subject of every second headline. If you're wondering who's behind all these technologies, let us introduce you to automation engineers. Though automation engineers can be responsible for a diverse array of automated processes (including the aforementioned robots) they're actually most in demand in the manufacturing sector where they design machinery to aid and streamline production. As automation engineers develop machines that can complete more human-like motions, people will shift away from low-skill menial jobs toward more knowledge-based jobs.

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AI researcher

Robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and voice assistants, oh my! As AI becomes more mainstream and seeps into more aspects of our lives, the study and creation of artificial intelligence systems has become huge business. AI researchers typically have a background in software engineering and are tasked with building AI that completes a specific task or process. There's more than just coding and algorithms involved though. AI researchers methodically test their AI using real world inputs, analyze results, tweak and adjust, build iterations, and prepare academic research on their findings. As more companies tap into the growing potential of AI, expect this profession to explode in 2019.

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chief experience officer

The growing reliance on ecommerce sales has led organizations to closely scrutinize their online presence and customer journey. From building a cohesive, smooth checkout process, to engaging customers with infotainment, to managing their organization's reputation on review sites and social media, chief experience officers live and breathe the customer experience.

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live chat agent

Companies are realizing that one of their most lucrative demographics, the under-40 Millennial and Gen Z generations, prefer text-based communications over picking up a phone. That's led to live chat options popping up on most ecommerce sites. Though AI tools are being developed to manage these chats, at the moment, there's no replacement for a live human. If you're a strong written communicator, an excellent typist (typos not welcome!) and value a customer-centric approach, live chat is the future of customer service.

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devops engineer

DevOps is one of the more established roles on this list, but it's exploding in popularity in 2019. With more dev teams adopting the agile methodology and working on short development cycles, DevOps engineers play a crucial role in bridging the gap between software development and deployment. Their expertise covers traditional dev tasks such as scripting and coding, as well as operational and project management tasks such as testing and software deployment, making them invaluable on compact teams.

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environmental engineer

Our climate is changing rapidly. From more destructive wildfires, to longer hurricane seasons, to more frequent flooding, humans are impacting the way the natural world works. Environmental engineers develop solutions to counter these environmental problems. From improving waste management processes, to engineering renewable energy solutions, to keeping our water drinkable and air clean, to ensuring soil remains fertile to grow essential crops humans rely on, environmental engineers keep our world healthy. As we rush against the clock to stop climate change, environmental engineers will be front and centre.

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cyber security specialist

Last year we were bombarded with one data leak and privacy scandal after another. Companies are quaking in their boots at the thought of being next. Cyber security is being ramped up at companies across the globe as they endeavour to stay one step ahead of hackers and security threats. As our lives and information migrate online, we rely on the expertise of cyber security specialists to keep the massive amounts of information we share safe. Expect this profession to grow leaps and bounds in 2019.

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data scientist

Not only are businesses collecting more information about us, they're meticulously combing through it to build profiles and make predictions about consumers and market patterns. Data scientists parse complex data, distilling it down to key findings that will help their organization make smarter decisions and drive growth. Machine learning (or building computer systems that are self-improving) are the future of this profession. Though data science has been around for awhile, machine learning is a coveted skill among employers.

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3D architect

3D architects or 3D modellers use computer aided design software to create models of buildings, structures and even entire communities. These models test the structural integrity of potential buildings and shape the design aesthetic. As urban centres rapidly expand (more than 80% of Canadians now live in urban areas, and that number is only increasing) 3D modelling will play an important role in strategically building out our communities and urban planning.

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The 10 emerging jobs were determined using a combination of data from Gartner Talent Neuron and Randstad's internal tracking systems, which measure job openings, job placements and other data in various Canadian markets.