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Although safety, sanitation, and infection control standards already exist, many industries are having to place these standards at the forefront of their workplace health and safety frameworks. But workers hoping to find employment in the Engineering & Construction industry can feel secure knowing that companies are doing everything they can to protect their employees from infection. Symptom screening, enhanced disinfection & sanitation, hand & respiratory hygiene, and physical distancing are all effective measures companies are taking to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Workers can also take comfort in knowing that construction is seen as an essential service in many provinces, so you can expect to see construction fare better than those industries that have been deemed non-essential. Where the E&C industry is taking a hit, however, is in the oil and gas sector. This decline is largely a result of plummeting oil prices, as engineering and construction projects related to exploration, refining, and production are being impacted.

1. civil engineering technician

Civil engineering technician is a new entry on the 2021 edition of in-demand engineering jobs and it’s jumped straight to the top of the list! Civil engineering technicians provide support to engineers in a variety of fields such as structural engineering, construction, environmental engineering, and transportation, among others. They provide assistance with drafting, drawing up plans, preparing reports and other support tasks.

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2. quality assurance technician

Quality assurance technician jumped 2 spots to become the second most in-demand engineering job for 2021. Quality assurance technicians, also sometimes known as quality control technicians typically work in manufacturing and monitor manufacturing processes to ensure that the end product their employer produces meets a predetermined set of guidelines. The goal is a consistent, high-quality end product.

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3. engineering manager

Engineering manager has moved up 3 spots on the 2021 list of in-demand engineering jobs. Engineering managers lead engineering projects. Their role overlaps a lot with project engineering, in that they often oversee project requirements and execution. However, they have an added leadership component to their role and are expected to supervise other engineers.

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4. industrial engineer

Industrial engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering that focuses on optimizing systems and machines. It's often used in fields such as manufacturing, energy, and IT, among many others. The broad applications of industrial engineering make it an adaptable specialty.

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5. project manager

With the COVID-19 crisis tightening budgets at companies across Canada, it makes sense that skilled project managers who can juggle competing budgets and priorities are in demand. Project manager has dropped a few spots after holding onto the top engineering jobs spot for several years. However, skilled project managers with leadership, planning and organizational skills who are able to successfully lead a team remain sought-after.

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6. project coordinator

Project coordinator makes it onto the list of in-demand engineering jobs for a second year, despite dropping a few spots (from number 2). With the high demand for project managers it makes sense project coordinators would also be in demand. Project coordinators are able to provide the same organizational support as a project manager at a more junior level.

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7. project engineer

Project engineers are the project managers of the engineering sector, so their skills are universally in demand across Canada. Project engineers oversee the direction of engineering projects, keeping fellow engineers on track, as well as managing bids, specifications, and materials.

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8. director of engineering

Director of engineering is new on the list of in-demand engineering jobs for 2021, just making it into the number 8 spot. As companies figure out how to navigate the pandemic, leadership roles are in high demand, so it makes sense to see that directors of engineering are a crucial role in 2021.

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