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While COVID-19 has impacted much of Canada’s job market overnight, roles within the finance and accounting sector will be prioritized by a vast majority of employers. For all businesses looking to navigate the biggest market shock since 2008’s recession, financial professionals will be integral to get businesses up and running smoothly. Finance experts who can help plan cash management, liquidity and cost control are expected to see an increase in demand and when it comes to accounting, the biggest area of growth is likely to be in insolvency and restructuring.  Canadians who have seen a reduction in income will also be tapping into personal finance experts to get all the guidance they can when it comes to a number of concerns such as protecting their hard-earned savings, accessing financial support, mortgage deferrals and securing their assets. Many companies in the financial services sector now realize that there’s no going back to the way things were before as they’ve seen success with the work-from-home model and will offer flexible arrangements – some roles even being 100% remote.

1. business analyst

Business analysts are the strategists of the finance and accounting world so it’s no surprise to see this role take a lead in 2021. Companies are carefully planning their next moves in response to the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, and  business analysts have the skills needed to solidify those plans. Their primary function is to identify and solve business problems, finding ways to streamline or improve functions, processes or software. Though business analysts may not focus solely on finance or accounting functions, many business analysts are employed by banks, insurance companies and other employers in the financial sector.

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2. controller

Controller has moved up one spot to become the second most popular finance and accounting job in 2021. Controllers oversee key accounting functions that keep businesses running smoothly such as the general ledger, general accounting, accounts payable and receivable. This role is a critical one during the pandemic as businesses look to shore up spending and make sound financial decisions for the future. Controllers are mid-management in most enterprise accounting departments. They typically report to the CFO, though in some smaller organizations, they may be the top financial officer.  

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3. senior financial advisor

Senior financial advisor is new on the list for 2021. Employers are relying more heavily on experienced professionals as they navigate the pandemic. Financial advisors are more experienced and bring a wealth of experience to the job compared to their non-senior colleagues. During the pandemic, this experience is invaluable as their clients look to make critical financial decisions.

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4. finance director

Finance directors are an executive role within the finance department. They tend to be more senior and may have started out in an accounting or other similar financial role. As Canada faces the fallout of the COVID-19 economic downturn, finance directors who are able to set up their employer with a clear strategy to weather changes are in demand.

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5. financial advisor

Financial advisors are professionals who help clients make decisions related to their investments or finances. Financial advisor tends to be a fairly entry-level finance role, and is particularly popular in the banking sector.

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6. accountant

Accountants dropped from the top of the list last year, though don’t think that means they aren’t in demand! Though when many people think of accountants, taxes come to mind, accountants are critical to businesses as well. Most accountants work in enterprise accounting departments. Accountants are record-keepers and financial experts, helping businesses keep track of their money with detailed records.

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7. payroll clerk

Payroll clerk is an entry-level accounting job, specializing in internal payroll. Payroll clerks administer payroll for employees at their organization. Payroll clerks may also be responsible for other elements of employee compensation such as benefits administration, or answering payroll-related queries from employees.

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8. tax accountant

Tax accountants do exactly what people typically think accountants do: they specialize in taxes! Tax accountants can specialize even further and choose to work in corporate or personal taxation. This role holds steady at number 8, rounding out the list of in-demand finance and accounting jobs for 2021.

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