Many assume they need to land executive positions to make over $100,000 a year. Perhaps surprisingly, many professional-level roles also pay well — especially if you’re experienced. 

This brief guide will explore nine jobs paying over 100k in Canada. 

Some of them require post-secondary education; others are accessible to anyone with a high school diploma, a little talent, and determination.

Smiling man with headphones having a conversation at his desk.
Smiling man with headphones having a conversation at his desk.

cloud architect

Cloud architects build virtual infrastructure. The cloud-based platforms they build support other apps — Dropbox or SaaS programs, for instance — so they need to be stable, scalable, accessible and secure. 

Cloud architects work with other tech professionals, including programmers and end users, to ensure that their platforms are intuitive and useful. 

Some cloud architects are self-taught, but most have computer science degrees and other certifications. 

Many cloud architects make between $100K and $130K a year in the tech sector. That does depend on the employer, though — and again, it is usually higher pay with experience. 

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business analyst 

A job that makes over 100k a year is a business analyst. You can potentially earn $80,000 to $115,000 per year in Canada if you pursue a career as a business analyst. 

These IT professionals develop, administer and test companies' servers, systems, hardware and software. 

To become a business analyst, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree or some form of post-secondary education in IT, computer science or a related field.

The prospects are good for new business analysts in Canada, with ample job opportunities across the country.

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IT manager

IT managers oversee teams or departments of technical employees, including information systems, networking or help desk professionals. 

Compensation depends on what type of team you lead, the size of the team, and the company you work for.

Generally, larger enterprises offer opportunities for the highest earning capabilities, including positions that pay more than $100k annually.

As more businesses move to fully digital services, opportunities for IT managers in Canada will continue to open positions that are paying over 100k a year.

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purchasing manager

Also called procurement managers, engineering purchasing managers direct and organize the purchasing activities of their employers. 

They craft purchasing policies, hire and supervise purchasing department employees, identify potential vendors and pursue claims when things go wrong. 

Most purchasing managers have a background in economics and a degree in business administration or commerce. Purchasing manager roles tend to be high-paying. 

Many purchasing managers make between $90K and $95K when they first start working in the engineering sector. Salaries go up with experience; after three or more years, you can expect to take home about $100K annually.

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finance controller

Finance controllers head accounting departments, preparing financial reports, drafting statements, monitoring cash flow, creating balance sheets, and managing their employers’ finances.

Finance controllers frequently work in tandem with company executives, including chief financial officers, and they usually have accounting degrees. 

Starting salaries for controllers in the finance sector are sometimes over $100K. Candidates with a lot of experience in the finance and accounting industries can expect to take home as much as $150K a year.

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contracts administrator

Contracts administrators play a pivotal role in the efficient operation of organizations, overseeing contract management processes, drafting agreements, monitoring compliance, and ensuring the smooth execution of contractual obligations.

Contracts administrators often collaborate closely with senior management and legal teams to navigate complex contractual matters, and many hold degrees in law or business administration.

Entry-level salaries for contracts administrators can reach or exceed six figures starting at 100k, reflecting the increasing demand for their expertise. 

Experienced professionals with a robust contract management and legal affairs background may command annual incomes between 130,000 and 170,000. 

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accounting manager

Accounting managers serve as the backbone of financial operations within companies, assuming responsibilities such as overseeing financial reporting, preparing statements, monitoring budgetary allocations, maintaining balance sheets, and managing the overall financial health of their organizations.

These professionals frequently collaborate with high-level executives, including chief financial officers, and often hold advanced degrees or certifications in accounting or finance.

Starting salaries for accounting managers are often quite substantial, often exceeding 100k per year in Canada. Individuals with extensive experience in the accounting and finance sectors can earn annual incomes exceeding $160,000.

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analyst—financial planning & analysis

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) analysts play a critical role in shaping the financial strategies of organizations. 

They are responsible for analyzing financial data, creating forecasts, monitoring budget performance, and providing valuable insights to support informed decision-making by senior management.

FP&A analysts typically collaborate closely with executive teams, including Chief Financial Officers (CFO), and often hold relevant degrees or post-secondary certifications in finance, accounting, or business.

Entry-level compensation for FP&A analysts is often highly competitive, frequently paying over 100k in Canada. 

Those with extensive experience in financial analysis and planning may even see their annual earnings climb to $150,000 or more, reflecting the demand for their expertise in driving financial success.

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Controllers are key figures in the financial management of organizations. They are responsible for overseeing the financial operations, ensuring compliance with accounting standards, and maintaining the financial health of their company. 

Their duties typically include preparing financial statements, managing budgets, monitoring cash flow, and collaborating closely with top executives, including Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).

Controllers often hold advanced degrees or post-secondary certifications in accounting or finance and bring a wealth of expertise to their roles. 

Starting salaries for controllers can be quite substantial in Canada, with annual salaries around $115,000 annually. 

With years of experience and a successful track record, seasoned controllers can earn annual incomes of 300k or more. 

Their high compensation reflects their critical role in managing and optimizing a company's financial resources.

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