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As consumers continue to stay home to curb the spread of COVID-19, one response we’ve seen to how people are approaching this period of isolation and uncertainty is in the massive changes to their shopping behaviours. From buying in bulk, scheduling curb-side pickups to online shopping, Canadians are changing what they’re buying, how they’re buying and when they’re buying. According to data from Statistics Canada, e-commerce sales more than doubled compared to last year with a 111% increase and shoppers who seldom had the habit of shopping online before the virus have now found the efficiency and time saving advantage of online shopping. As a result of this massive shift and the high demand for essential goods, logistics workers are more in demand than ever before, specifically in the areas of contactless delivery, online order fulfillment, supply chain maintenance and improvement, warehouse assembly and merchandising.

1. truck driver

Truck driver comes in at number one as the most popular job title in the logistics sector for a second year. With the huge surge in demand for essential goods, demand for long-haul truck drivers who can keep distribution flowing is also up. It goes without saying a driver's license is the bare minimum needed for this job, however depending on the type of truck you're driving a specialized truck driving license may be needed. (In Ontario that's a D class license, in Quebec it's class 5, though the title will vary by province.)

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2. delivery driver

The need for deliveries has ramped up during the pandemic. Unlike truck drivers, who tend to focus on long-haul driving, delivery drivers tend to work within a smaller radius and execute the ‘last mile’ delivery. Similar to truck drivers, it goes without saying a driver's license is the bare minimum needed for this job, however depending on the type of vehicle you're driving, a specialized driving license may be required.

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3. production supervisor

The sale of essential goods has ramped up in response to the pandemic. That’s put pressure on manufacturers. Production supervisors oversee the flow of production and ensure that manufacturers are able to maximize output safely. So it’s no surprise to see that employers are relying on production supervisors through the pandemic.

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4. forklift operator

Forklift operator has dropped a couple spots from being the second most popular job last year. However, don't think that means forklift drivers aren’t in demand! If you know how to operate any kind of forklift, you're golden in the logistics sector. The most popular forklifts include counterbalance, reach, and cherry picker. if you have a forklift driving certification, even better.

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5. warehouse worker

With the proliferation of online shopping, especially during the height of the pandemic lockdowns, is it any wonder to see warehouse worker on the list of in-demand jobs in the logistics sector for 2021? Though automation may be a factor in the warehouse sector at some point, we haven't yet reached a point where robots are capable of the complex tasks humans are. So for now, warehouse workers are desperately needed to help fulfill all those online orders and keep essential goods moving!

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6. general labourer

General labourers fill the gaps in the logistics sector, providing support wherever it's needed. There's no one set job description, however some tasks general labourers may perform include assisting specialized workers, cleaning, assembling, or moving products. No experience or skill is required, so a general labourer job can be a good place to start if you're brand new to the workforce and not averse to physical work.

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7. picker/packer

Picker/packers ensure orders reach customers safely. They collect and pack items, preparing them for shipment. With the volume of online purchases growing exponentially, picker/packers have become one of the most in demand logistics roles in Canada. Experience using wireless barcode scanners and inventory systems will make you stand out if you’re looking for a job in this area.

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8. buyer

Buyers are a part of the supply chain team in the logistics sector. They play a key role in managing and selecting inventory, ensuring that their employer has the right type and quantity of items in stock to meet customer demand. With online shopping becoming a huge part of our day-to-day lives, buyers ensure that the items we need are in stock and reach us swiftly.

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