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Dispatchers help ensure all drivers and deliveries are where they need to be. You will assign routes, timelines and run an efficient schedule. You will also provide customer service to customers and keep them up to date about estimated delivery times, delays, and other important information.

You play a key role in fleet management and help keep operations running smoothly. If you have experience as a dispatcher or have worked in logistics, contact Randstad Canada today to explore dispatcher career options in your area.

what dispatcher jobs entail

Dispatchers work out of a company office or warehouse office. Some roles are remote and completed online. You will spend your time working on a computer and phone system, tracking the location and delivery progress of drivers on the road. Your hours of work will depend on delivery schedules. Dispatchers often work in shifts during the day, evenings, overnight, and on weekends. Some overtime may be required during busy times of the year. You can expect to report to a dispatch manager, warehouse manager, or operations manager.

average dispatcher salaries

There are many types of dispatcher jobs in Canada. The type of job you have will impact your salary. The average annual salary for a dispatcher working in an industrial setting in Canada is approximately $45,000. Salaries for this position can range from $32,000 to more than $65,000 per year. Having a lot of experience and skills such as operations management, people management, and good communication can help increase your earning potential. Performance bonuses are included with some positions.

your day to day tasks

Dispatchers’ day-to-day tasks follow a regular pattern. You will spend most of your time coordinating deliveries, working with drivers, and ensuring all shipments are on schedule. You will occasionally have to troubleshoot issues that arise. Here are some of the typical tasks that will be part of your job description:

  • create pickup and delivery schedules
  • make sure drivers and deliveries are on time
  • ensure there are enough drivers to complete delivery schedule
  • update shipment tracking software
  • Monitor traffic conditions and update drivers
  • work with drivers and customers to troubleshoot delivery issues
  • update data in computer system and update delivery logs

where you can work

Dispatchers work for a variety of different companies, particularly those in manufacturing and shipping. Many roles existing in retail warehouses, for shipping companies, industrial companies, trucking companies, and third party logistics organizations. Dispatcher jobs are also common in emergency services and local delivery service providers. Typically, you can find work in cities across Canada, especially if you live close to main highways and infrastructure.

what you bring to the table

Dispatchers bring a diverse skill set to the table. You need to be a strong communicator, be able to keep your cool in stressful situations, and have a detailed understanding of supply chain and logistics. Here are some of the skills hiring companies are looking for in dispatcher candidates:

  • operations management
  • people management
  • oral and written communication skills
  • organization and time management
  • ability to work in stressful situations
  • troubleshooting and problem solving
  • multitasking
  • technology skills
  • analytics and data entry skills

training and certifications

Most dispatcher jobs in Canada require you to have a high school diploma. However, a college diploma and other post-secondary education can help you with your career in the future. Diplomas in communications, supply chain, logistics, and business operations are an asset. Experience working in customer service, logistics, and familiarity with dispatch tools and software is important to hiring companies.

where your career is headed

Dispatchers are the first point of contact for drivers and help to manage company fleets. Since dispatchers have strong understanding of supply chain, shipping, and distribution, many take on more senior dispatch roles, take on jobs in other forms of dispatching, or take the step up and continue their career in operations management, distribution management, or supply chain and logistics.

Are you looking for dispatch jobs in Canada? Do you have experience? Contact Randstad Canada today to gain access to the best dispatch jobs in your area.

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