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Toronto is the technology centre of all of Canada. As such, it is home to very diverse range of IT jobs and professionals with a variety of different skills and proficiencies. Many different fields are in demand in Toronto, including managers, engineers, analysts and developers.

The top jobs currently in demand in Toronto include business analyst, project manager, Java developer, software engineer, full-stack developer, data analyst, front-end developer, and graphic designer. If you are looking for opportunities in the technologies sector, you will find that Toronto is full of new and exciting opportunities for you to advance your career.

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the IT job market in toronto

There are approximately 100,000 technology professionals currently employed in Toronto. This number is larger than any other city in Canada. There are many different and diverse fields that professionals in Toronto are able to find work in including development, engineering, analysis and more.

At any given time, there are around 5500 technology related job postings in Toronto. There are currently more than 100,000 individuals working in the tech sector in Canadas largest city, which is a +3.6 increase from the previous year.

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100,000 tech professionals+3.6% from previous year
5500 tech job postings$91,100 average salary

average IT salaries in toronto

Salaries in the Information Technology sector in Toronto generally range from $50,000 to $180,000 depending on the number of years of experience you have in the field, and your job title.

Below you can see the average salaries for the top 8 IT jobs in Toronto.

IT salaries in toronto

  • average business analyst salary in toronto

    $66,300 - $114,400

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  • average project manager salary in toronto

    $92,400 - $169,100

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  • average java developer salary in toronto

    $63,500 - $103,200

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  • average software engineer salary in toronto

    $73,400 - $128,000

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  • average full-stack developer salary in toronto

    $70,000 - $110,000

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  • average data analyst salary in toronto

    $70,000 - $121,000

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  • average front-end developer salary in toronto

    $70,000 - $121,000

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  • average graphic designer salary in toronto

    $66,000 - $107,400

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in-demand tech skills in toronto

In the Toronto technology industry, the demand for skills is as diverse as the industry itself is. There are plenty of different skills and specialties that you can use to carve out your career in the tech sector. Some of the top skills that set candidates apart in the IT sector in Toronto include technical support, Microsoft Office and Linux. Below you can find the top 8 skills that are currently in demand for technology professionals in Toronto.

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  • Senior Applications Architect Toronto

    2020-07-03 Toronto, Ontario Temporary

    ONTARIO PUBLIC SECTOR REQUIRES A SENIOR APPLICATION ARCHITECT FOR A 12 MONTH CONTRACT MUST HAVE SKILLS: Application Architecture 10+ years of experience in the development and implementation of application Architecture • Demonstrated experience providing application architecture interpretation ...

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  • Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Technical Analysts (MGCS VOR # OSS-00430429) Toronto

    2020-07-03 Toronto, Ontario Temporary

    Our client, a leader in the education industry, is looking for Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Technical Analysts to create standards as well as maintain and support a large-scale Office 365 implementation. The Analysts will be responsible for troubleshooting, optimizing, documenting and implementing ...

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