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There was a 1.5% increase of civil engineering jobs in Calgary between 2016 and 2017. According to the latest data, there were approximately 4,300 civil engineering jobs in 2017 in Calgary.

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civil engineer salaries in calgary

Civil engineers in Calgary received the highest salaries compared to any other city in Canada. The high degree of specialization required to become a civil engineer means salaries are highly competitive, even when you're just starting out in the field.

Entry level salary: $61.4k - $82.4k
Intermediate salary: $71.2k - $96.8k
Senior salary: $89.7k - $121.5k

top industries for civil engineers in calgary

Numerous industries actively seek out civil engineers to fulfill building projects. The top five industries are:

  1. architectural engineering
  2. non-residential building construction
  3. local public administration
  4. rail transportation
  5. utility system construction

in demand skills in calgary

As a civil engineer, you are expected to bring engineering, design, and software expertise to the job. Some of the skills you need are:

  • microsoft office
  • quality control
  • quality assurance (QA)
  • autoCAD
  • structural engineering

next steps for civil engineers

Civil engineers are in a good position to find long-term work, often with competitive wages. Civil engineers who stick with their company can expect to take on more senior roles after several years, and might be considered for leadership roles if they demonstrate that they are capable.

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