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Randstad's annual Employer Brand Research survey offers valuable insights about what motivates employees so you can create a meaningful employer brand that resonates with your workforce.

strengthen your employer brand

Your employer brand is one of the top factors in your organization's ability to attract and retain top-performing talent. In the competitive market for skilled talent, it's up to you to make your organization stand out from the crowd. That's where your employer brand comes into play. 

retain top talent

A strong employer brand does more than make your organization attractive to new employees. It's also crucial to keep them engaged after they join the team. A strong employer brand can increase your employee retention rates and drive a strong workforce full of engaged employees who are eager to spread the word about how great your organization is.

what do canadians look for in a job?

64%attractive salary and benefits
50%supports work-life balance
49%long-term job security
44%a pleasant working environment

about our employer brand research

who takes part? 

Respondents are employees and job-seekers between the ages of 18-65. There is a slight bias towards respondents under 40 because the survey’s main target audience is potential employees.

what makes it different? 

Unlike similar surveys, we do not invite human resources, staff members or experts to take part in the survey, ensuring the results of the survey are as objective as possible.

what is measured?

Respondents are asked to identify companies they recognize. They then evaluate companies they recognize on 10 factors including salary & benefits, work atmosphere, and job content.

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