As vaccination numbers increase and daily infections are trending downwards — albeit slower than we would like, now finally seems like the light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, companies may be thinking about getting workers back into the office. After over a year of working from home, companies are starting their return to the office plan. Employers need a plan to bring people back to the workplace while still supporting employees who continue to work from home. The key to a strong return-to-office plan must include your help desk team. They are the heart of any organization and help to make your move back to the office seamless.


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Learn how Randstad Canada helped a Canadian Federal Government Department scale up their help desk to ensure a smooth transition back to the office.

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help desk is crucial to a return-to-office transition

You might be wondering why a help desk is essential for your business during the transition from work-from-home to return-to-office. Your office was set up and ready to go pre-pandemic, right? Well, a lot has changed since the pandemic. This includes technology. We now heavily rely on the use of technology in all of our workplaces. You’ll need a good help desk team to help improve efficiency. While your employees are returning to the office, you’ll need to have them set back up. Doing it yourself or having your employees set themselves up is a slow process, having a trained IT professional set up your office will take less time, and you’ll have better service. 

A proper setup is essential for an employee to be comfortable when they are making their way back to the office. They are used to being at home with little to no technical issues, so you’ll want to ensure that your IT team makes certain that all problems are worked out before employees make their return to the office.

changing of technology during the pandemic 

The pandemic has created new needs for companies that IT professionals have taken into account. There has been a stronger need for flexible work, such as standing desks or having desks that your employees can rent out for the day if they are working hybrid, e.g., plug-and-go stations. When these flexible types of workstations are considered and implemented by your IT department, it will lead to enhanced productivity by your team. When your IT is set up right, your employees can spend their time on their core job responsibilities rather than worrying about their technology needs or problem-solving themselves out of a technical issue. 

Does your office need more technology for proof of vaccination, sanitizing stations, and touchless entry in your company or the building? A lot of technology has come into play to help prevent the spread of COVID 19, and your office will probably need to set up some, if not all, of these best practices to have a safe working site for all your employees. For example, an IT team can help you set up a scanner for vaccine proof or touchless entry into your office, so your employees or visitors don’t need to touch door handles.

hiring a robust help desk team

Your company should consider hiring a solid help desk team for you and your employee’s transition back to the office. By having a robust help desk team, you’ll ensure that there is a smooth and timely transition period with little to no hiccups. With a robust help desk team, you can also ensure that your organization runs smoothly before and after you’ve made the transition back to the office. 

A help desk team can help troubleshoot and solve a wide variety of technical issues that the average person would not be able to solve on their own. They can solve IT problems quickly and efficiently without causing havoc on your team. If you’re hiring out your IT solutions, they might not be as aware of all of the tech you’re using or the problem at hand. Having someone or a team in-house alleviates the need to explain to someone new each time a new issue arises. 

helping you to find the best team 

Does your current help desk team have a friendly relationship with your customer service team? Is it simple for your sales team to get their IT problems solved with the help desk? Or can your help desk team help team members who are still working from home? These are all questions that should be asked when looking for a help desk team. Working with a recruitment partner like Randstad Canada can help you understand your current needs and help you find the next person for that role. Whether you’re looking for a full-time permanent help desk team or a temporary team for short-term projects, we can find you the right people to fill the role. 

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