The world has changed a lot due to the pandemic, and that has been very true when it comes to your company’s technology needs. As your company starts to make their plans for heading back to the office or taking small steps in the direction to allow their employees to work from the office, there needs to be a plan for your company help desk in order to ensure a smooth transition. Whether working hybrid or not, there can be a sense of anxiety from your employees while you're making another change, especially if it comes to making another change from where they are working locations and their IT needs. There’s one thing that can help you create a smooth transition is making sure you have the help of your help desk team.


case study: Canadian Federal Government Department

Learn more on how Randstad Canada helped a Canadian Federal Government Department scale up their help desk to ensure a smooth transition back to the office.

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Your company needs the best support to help your employees with yet another change. So how is your IT team making the transition as smooth as possible? What goes into IT preparation? The answer is simple: a solid IT team. Day-to-day operations depend on IT. Your organization's service desk is defending the front lines whether your employees are working from home or making the transition back to the office. 

Having a solid help desk team is essential for your business to grow because the use of technology has expanded during the pandemic. Likewise, technology will continue to grow and develop during the transition back to the office. This is why it's ever so important to have a solid IT team in your organization.

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Are you transitioning back to the office, or do you need help hiring your organization’s help desk? Randstad Canada’s experts can help.

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Randstad Canada was able to help the Canadian federal government’s Department of National Defense team make the transition back to the office by scaling up their help desk team. To help with the return to the office, the Department of National Defence needed a robust help desk team to ensure a smooth transition and that all their employees would be set up with the IT tools and support they need to complete their duties from the office. Learn more on how Randstad Canada helped in this case study.

Randstad Canada can help your company to scale up its help desking teams, whether you’re looking for a temporary team to help you through the transition, short-term projects, or helping you to hire a full-time team that will be there to help with all your help desk needs.


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