During the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations, especially those in essential industries, are surging and finding themselves having to quickly scale up their operations to meet demand, without the HR tools or resources in place to do so on their own. Finding a reliable partner who has experience hiring and managing employees on a short timeline can help you keep up with demand and ensure you’re not turning down critical new business opportunities during this time. 


    In this case study, we explore how Randstad developed an in-house (RIS) solution to respond to an urgent hiring mandate for a company that produces meal kits. Inside the case study we look at:

    • How Randstad took over the client’s end-to-end HR function to quickly scale up hiring
    • The benefits of an in-house staffing solution and how it leads to greater transparency and collaboration
    • How over 80 roles were filled a week ahead of schedule
    • How employee engagement went up under the new model

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