As we commemorate Pride Month and embrace the rich diversity of our 2SLGBTQI+ communities this June, it presents an opportune moment to reflect on the language utilized within your workplace.

Language holds immense significance, serving as the bedrock for self-expression and fostering understanding of one another. 

It is a potent instrument in affirming our identities and comprehending the world that surrounds us. With the vast array of experiences represented in our midst, the language we employ to articulate our gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, age, and other facets of our being is equally diverse.


To cultivate an environment that champions inclusive language, it is crucial to first grasp its essence. Subsequently, you can evaluate your organization's communication style and workplace culture to ensure the promotion of inclusivity and respect. 

By prioritizing the use of inclusive language both internally and externally, you create an atmosphere where employees, clients, customers, and stakeholders feel secure, embraced, and valued.

To aid you in navigating the terrain of inclusive language within your workplace, we have crafted a comprehensive guide encompassing a myriad of best practices. 

inside this guide, you will discover:

  • best practices for utilizing inclusive language concerning gender identity, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, and more.
  • strategies for handling mistakes gracefully and respectfully.
  • guidance on developing organizational policies that foster inclusive language.
  • a glossary of key terms essential for your understanding including gender-conforming, two-spirit, and non-binary.

steer clear of embarrassing situations: rely on our expertise

Are you seeking to ensure that your recruitment process attracts top talent while avoiding any missteps caused by using inappropriate terminology?

We take pride in being a fair recruitment agency, with a team of recruiters who are well-versed in diversity and inclusion practices. 

Rest assured, with our guidance, there will be no risk of inadvertently offending a candidate.

Feel free to reach out to us for your recruitment needs. Contacting us does not entail any obligation on your part.

read the guide to understand how to integrate inclusive language into your vocabulary at work.

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