The pandemic and the convergence of previous market forces have led to major skills shortages in Canada. That's especially true in manufacturing and the skilled trades sector, where licensed, experienced workers are hard to come by.

But that doesn't make hiring top talent impossible. One of the ways we ensure employers connect with great applicants is by ensuring you offer competitive salary ranges that will draw in talent.


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One reason employers balk at raising salary ranges is that their pay offers have traditionally worked in the past. But what enticed top talent to work for you a few years ago — or even last year — may not be cutting it today.

It's important to stay updated on salary trends in your industry so you can offer competitive pay. You may have downloaded the most recent Randstad salary guide to help you with this — if not, you can get the guide now.

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Still not completely convinced that offering higher pay is the way to go for your organization? Download our case study to see how well this strategy worked for one manufacturing company. You'll discover:

  • what challenges the company faced in hiring skilled, licensed workers
  • how much the company had to raise pay rates to succeed
  • the benefits and return on investment this strategy drove

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