The hiring market is extremely competitive now, and today’s employees are looking for so much more than a paycheck. They want to work for employers that care for them and for their way of life. Applicants across all sectors favour employers that demonstrate that care via policies and perks that improve the worker’s way of life.

Some things many employees are looking for include job security and options for growth. When businesses offer opportunities for upskilling and training, it helps them hire more top talent and retain the talent they already have, in part because it demonstrates a serious consideration for the worker’s future.

Find out more about upskilling and training and how they impact hiring and retention below. Then, download our guide to cracking the talent code with upskilling and training.

Man and woman having a laugh during a meeting in a meeting room.
Man and woman having a laugh during a meeting in a meeting room.

upskilling and training are benefits for employees too

As an employer, you probably see the value in upskilling and training your staff so you can better scale for growth and meet business goals. However, thinking about these processes and opportunities from the employee’s side is important. Workers often see upskilling and training as a benefit, and knowing this can help you position job postings to be more attractive and implement ongoing perks to retain more of your staff.

Randstad recently conducted a survey in conjunction with Ipsos to find out why employees might favour one employer over another. One factor that came up was the ability to grow and evolve within a position or company, and job seekers and employees recognize that such growth may require learning new things. When employers are on the same page and willing to support team members in gaining new knowledge and skills, employees are more likely to be loyal.

Some types of initiatives that can demonstrate you care about the future of your employees include:

  • cross-training opportunities to help employees learn skills that make them valuable to you even if their current team or department becomes obsolete
  • upskilling to help workers master the skills and knowledge needed to eventually step into higher-paying positions or roles with more authority
  • training and education programs that cover or defray the costs, so employees have more access to learning opportunities

getting started with upskilling and training your existing workforce

If you want to see what employees really want when it comes to benefits and perks — and how upskilling and training fit into those desires — check out some of our other free downloads related to our survey. You can find them all on our page on cracking the talent code.

For employers that want to get started with upskilling and training their existing workforce right away, we have a guide on cracking the talent code via upskilling and training. Read our guide to uncover:

  • the benefits of offering employees the opportunity to train or develop their skills
  • concrete solutions you can implement right now to gain this competitive advantage in the short and long term
  • how upskilling impacts employee engagement and how that can help your overall organization
  • where to get started implementing upskilling and training initiatives in your organization

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keep growing and learning with randstad

Learning isn’t just beneficial for your workforce. As an employer, it’s critical that you stay on top of hiring and human resources trends. If you fall behind and lose your competitive edge in the market, you can risk top talent leaving your organization in favour of positions with businesses that are offering the benefits and perks they want. You may also find it increasingly difficult to fill those roles because your benefits aren’t attractive enough to job seekers.

Maintain your edge in the hiring market and create workplace cultures and benefits that ensure staff wants to stay with your company. Learn how to do that with resources from Randstad. When you’re working on upskilling, start with our article that provides 7 steps to success for reskilling your workforce. You can also learn more about investing in upskilling opportunities to close the skills gap.

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