what are the top challenges CIOs are facing in 2023? 

Over the past few years, technology projects, budgets, and staffing grew. However, a rapidly digitizing workplace comes hand-in-hand with increased IT vulnerabilities. The huge leap forward in technology adoption as a result of the pandemic has also ushered in higher tech expectations. And the pressure to stay ahead of the curve has been inflamed by widespread digital skills shortages. 

In an era of continual disruption, the role of CIO is evolving rapidly. CIOs must amplify their impact to lead IT beyond the function, partnering with C-suite peers to accelerate digital business models, enable the future of work and drive business growth. 

We surveyed over 750 IT decision-makers based in the United States and Canada to better understand their challenges and plans.

Two colleagues man and woman having a chat standing between desks.
Two colleagues man and woman having a chat standing between desks.

delivering transformation in turbulent times

Our research revealed stunning data: 

  • Over a third of respondents doubt their organization’s ability to successfully deliver on key initiatives – and two fifths have had low success to date
  • 25 percent of organizations are not satisfied with their direction, blaming elements including poor system performance, outdated technology and under-delivery by outsourced vendors
  • Talent shortages and reskilling needs are holding back digital transformation plans at the majority of companies
  • Data-driven decision-making is climbing up the agenda, set to become the top priority for businesses in the next five years
  • Cybersecurity, ongoing supply chain disruption, and the wider economic environment are the top concerns keeping CIOs awake at night

IT leaders must reassess their business and technology strategies and realign them to address rapidly evolving business and economic concerns.  

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