More than ever, today’s CIOs must act as strategic business advisors who can analyze their organization’s business performance and identify, through predictive data analytics, how and where to create more value, which will translate into increased profitability. 

As organizations face multiple geopolitical and economic challenges - inflation, supply chain disruptions, a looming regional or global recession - 2023 also promises to be a year in which CIOs will need to build strong and skilled teams to tackle these challenges and contribute to future-proof their organization. 

In a context where talent scarcity hits virtually all industries, executive leaders will be compelled to reinvent their talent architecture.

Get actionable insights to build your talent management strategies successfully. 

Listen to this session in which, Carolyn Levy, Group President of Randstad Technologies Group, Randstad Canada, will explore best practices to help you navigate today’s ever-evolving labour market. 

  • retention strategies to address the talent shortage in IT
  • how to close the IT skills gap
  • the skills and abilities that modern CIOs need to develop to improve their decision-making

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With in-depth knowledge of the IT industry built over decades of experience in the market, we provide guidance to CIOs with the decisions they will need to take today and tomorrow. 


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