It’s been one year since tellent first pitched the idea to Randstad Canada, and eight months since the launch of digital career accelerator program, the Propeller Experience. A lot has happened during that time, including a thriving program with proven curriculum and content that has successfully aided over 200 women in finding work that is truly worthy of them and works for them in the wake of the gendered impact of the pandemic. 

Today we look back over that collective impact, successes of program graduates and plans to evolve the Propeller Experience to meet the future needs of women in the workforce.

The pandemic revealed just how much work still needs to be done when it comes to gender parity in the workforce. In the labour market, women were hit earlier and harder, and their jobs continue to recover more slowly, with labour force participation in Canada currently at a 20-year low. The Propeller Experience program was built to address the specific needs of women whose careers had been impacted.

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In a nutshell, Propeller Experience is a digital program consisting of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities and focuses on building three core competencies - Mindset, Skill Set and Network. When combined, these competencies result in increased clarity and confidence in self, the development of a robust professional and personal network and accelerated career success.

Over the past 8 months the program helped women who:

  • lost their jobs, their industries or their confidence and needed help re-skilling
  • were burnt out, stressed out or overwhelmed by their new normal and the increased demands that came with lockdown living
  • were returning to work after a maternity leave, career pause or health break and needed a strong personal and professional network in a hyper competitive job market

Since launching the Propeller Experience in March 2021:

  • Almost 90% of women surveyed indicated a positive impact on their careers and lives
  • Only eight weeks after starting the Propeller Experience program, 62.5% of learners have seen results in their employment status including new jobs, promotions and launching into entrepreneurship
  • 98% of learners shared they would recommend this course to their peers
  • 98% of learners stated the course exceeded their expectations

Program participants shared:

“The courses and the supportive/positive environment is what got things rolling for me again. I loved the flexibility it offered and knowing that if I missed a session, I can always access it. The recordings have been so helpful for me and I am still working through the exercises.”

“Participating in Propeller has easily been a highlight in my professional development of the last decade, and definitely a light at the end of the tunnel during a challenging (devastating?) year. I feel empowered, excited about the future and equipped to take on work that is worth it.”

“The community aspect is SO EMPOWERING! I love knowing that other amazing women are out there trying to do the same thing as I am and struggling with all the same struggles that I am - but the best part is now I can connect with those women and discuss and come up with solutions!”

“The course has revitalized my job search.”

"Propeller Experience has absolutely changed my life for the better, and I'm so thankful I signed up! Thank you!”

tellent and Randstad Canada remain steadfast in their shared commitment to supporting 1,000 women in the next year as they find or build higher value paid work. As the economy starts to recover and the workforce emerges from over 20 months of instability, the Propeller Experience program will evolve to support the shifting needs of women and companies in this new economy.

Founder and CEO of tellent, Jennifer Hargreaves, expands on what we can expect to see from Propeller Experience 2.0:

“Oh gosh, there are so many exciting things in store for our Propeller Experience learners! Of course we will always strive to continuously improve our program to serve the needs of our valued tellent community. We plan to continue to roll out new learning opportunities, lessons and updates to the core program. We are also launching a hybrid event series to provide networking opportunities and offer tangible (and real-time) support for learners to take inspired action and get direct access to our instructors.” 

Jennifer continues, “In early 2022, we will be launching an additional curriculum stream based on the skills demanded by employers and trends in our new economy! Just as the workplace is dynamic and ever-changing, so too is the Propeller Experience. We are building this program to prove that you don’t have to settle for the status quo. I am absolutely humbled and in awe of the successes we’ve seen from our learners over the first few months of launching the program. Building this program was an ambitious mission, but we’re motivated by the outcomes thus far, and are even more driven to continue evolving our offerings based on what we keep hearing working women need to succeed in their careers. Truly, we are just getting started!”


Right now you can try the Propeller Experience for yourself, free for one week! Lesson one gets you crystal-clear on what you really want for your career and life - and it is sure to move you in the right direction, immediately! Click here to get started!

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