At the crux of the Propeller Experience’s teaching model is a mindset-first approach. Why? Because if we don’t address this, the rest will be an uphill battle. We spend four weeks doing a deep dive into your heart, mind and soul to discover your true self, deal with limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and the like. You’ll then establish a career goal to work towards - and this will likely be something you didn’t even think could be on your radar before doing the mindset shifting work.

Psychotherapist and Peak Performance Coach Hina Khan leads you through the first four lessons. During this time, you will gain clarity on what you really want to create in your career and your life. You will work on your mindset and self-image to match that desire, allowing you to move into the right action. After four weeks of study, you will get clear on what you really want and create a stretch goal, understand the part of the mind that controls your results and move into the right course of action.

How can you start taking a mindset-first approach, right now? Founder and CEO of tellent, Jennifer Hargreaves shares this tip: “It can be as simple as asking yourself ‘how do I want to feel today?’ Perhaps it’s that you want to feel more joyful or more at ease. You can then start to intentionally plan your day to set you up for success with those feelings. For example, living with more ease might mean that you schedule an hour on Friday morning mapping out your schedule for the following week and that you avoid scheduling important meetings on Monday mornings. It’s an easier place to start, when the task of defining a more forward-thinking statement seems too daunting. Take it day-by-day!”

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