Most of us are well aware that we are our own unique brand. The benefits to refining our personal story are vast, the most obvious being higher paying and more fulfilling roles as we progress in our careers. The problem is many women feel a little hung up on branding themselves - it can feel uncomfortable, foreign and even too boastful, having to outright list or speak of our accomplishments, skills and what makes us unique from others in our industry. 

Jennifer Hargreaves, founder and CEO of tellent and the Propeller Experience shares that many of her program alumni have adopted a little trick when it comes to making their personal branding sing and it all comes down to a shift in perspective. She explains: 

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“For the first four weeks of the Propeller Experience, learners spend some much needed time refining their mindset. First we work to establish an Aiming Point - a goal or feeling that they would like to work toward. In week three, we work on a Winning Self Image. It’s an exercise in imagining the person that has already achieved the goal we set out, and the thoughts, feelings and actions they would have or take each day.”

Hargreaves goes on to highlight, “where this gets really interesting is that it can apply to all choices and situations we face. When you show up as the person who has already achieved your goal, the answers become more clear. Suddenly it’s less of a guessing game and far more calculated. Everything feels aligned.”

Taking the perspective of someone who has already achieved what you want in your career helps to guide the steps you need to take to achieve them in your real life. When it comes to your personal branding, Jennifer recommends starting with even a small action: “if you are returning to work after a career pause or layoff, how would the person who has successfully returned to her dream job show up? How would she write her resume? Or show up to her interviews?”

Jennifer encourages you to reflect on your goal daily and keep doing the work: “The more you practice this shift in perspective, the easier it will be. Try writing it out every morning, asking yourself questions like: ‘How would the person who has achieved this goal handle this situation?’ ‘How would she apply for this job?’ ‘Who would she surround herself with?’ And so on. I promise, this simple exercise can have big results! You’ll be meeting your career goals and aspirations in no time!” 

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