The Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) at Randstad Canada champions the WIN Mentorship Program, a transformative 6-month initiative that pairs mentors and mentees with shared goals for growth.

In this article, we delve into the inspiring stories of Brooke Cromar, a mentor, and Nicole Yip-Hoi, a mentee, to discover what led them to join the WIN Mentorship Program and the impact it has had on their lives. 

We also discuss the remarkable benefits for both mentors and mentees, including professional guidance, skill enhancement, networking opportunities, and more.


the win mentorship program

The WIN Mentorship Program, started by the Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) at Randstad Canada, is a 6-month mentorship program. The program pairs mentors and mentees who have similar goals for positive growth. 

Both the mentor and mentee will meet monthly for meaningful discussions, plan actions, and track progress. 

The experienced mentors at Randstad Canada will help young professional women overcome challenges, set goals, and succeed. 

The WIN Mentorship Program promotes learning and growth by connecting seasoned professionals with emerging talents.


  • mentees: early- to mid-career women at Randstad Canada, committed to personal and professional growth and have completed their onboarding
  • mentors: managers and higher-level professionals at Randstad Canada, dedicated to helping early to mid-career women by sharing their career and life experiences

benefits of the win program 

The program is a powerhouse of benefits for both mentors and mentees. For mentees, it means:

  • professional guidance and receiving valuable insights from experienced mentors
  • skill enhancement to develop skills crucial for career growth
  • networking opportunities to help build a strong professional network

The WIN program also helps mentees build confidence, career clarity, goal achievement, personal development, diverse perspectives, skill transfer, and personal empowerment. 

Notably, mentees have been promoted five times faster and enjoy a 23% higher retention rate.

Mentors, on the other hand, experience personal fulfillment as well as: 

  • leadership development that will help to hone leadership skills
  • fresh perspectives by gaining new insights from mentees
  • legacy building and contributing to mentees' success

The WIN program also offers mentors skill refinement, enhanced empathy, reinvigorated motivation, professional recognition, diverse exposure, and an inspirational role. 

Remarkably, mentors boast a 20% higher retention rate.

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why mentor brooke cromar joined win

Brooke Cromar, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusion, is a mentor in the WIN Mentorship Program, and she shares her insights:

what attracted you to the win mentorship program?

Brooke says, "I love that the WIN mentorship has created safe spaces for women to grow together. Having a supportive network of women is so important to me both personally and professionally. The mentorship program is a way to strengthen those relationships and to learn collaboratively through a thoughtful, guided process."

why are mentorship programs like this one important?

"It is so important for women to have each other's backs and to share our experiences! This type of initiative, which was created and driven by women, highlights that we are better together."

what advice would you give to women about being in a mentorship program?

Brooke emphasizes, "Be unapologetic in making time and space for your growth and development. Being part of a supportive community of women is one of the most rewarding and empowering things that you can do, and being in a mentorship program will broaden your horizons and strengthen your relationships well into the future."

why mentee Nicole Yip-Hoi joined win

Nicole Yip-Hoi, Executive Assistant, became a mentee in the WIN Mentorship Program, shares her perspective:

what attracted you to the win mentorship program?

Nicole explains, "The WIN mentorship program allows me to make deeper connections with my colleagues and to have a space where we can have open and honest conversations. They are spaces where we can explore things — good and bad — that we face and look at them from different perspectives."

why are mentorship programs like this one important?

"Sometimes, it is easy to just get into our bubble and do our own thing. These types of programs allow us to share where we are, to consider new paths, and to design strong futures for ourselves. Women helping women helps us, collectively, become more empowered and helps foster change."

what advice would you give to women about being in a mentorship program?

Nicole encourages, "Do it! You will have many ah-ha moments, will laugh, and will hopefully achieve your goals at the same time."

As the program progresses, we'll continue bringing insights from our mentor and mentee. Stay tuned for their key takeaways and lessons learned. We'll also delve deeper into the benefits of mentorship and the essential components of a fruitful mentor-mentee relationship.

replicate the win mentorship program at your company

The WIN Mentorship Program at Randstad Canada stands as a beacon of empowerment and growth for women. 

As the stories of Brooke and Nicole exemplify, they foster meaningful connections, personal and professional development, and a support network. 

Through mentorship, women at Randstad Canada are advancing their careers and enriching their lives and building a stronger, more inclusive workplace for everyone. 

The WIN mentorship program's impact is undeniable, and its significance cannot be overstated in the journey toward gender equality and professional success.

A well-structured, robust mentorship program for women brings immense benefits, such as providing personalized career guidance, skill development, and confidence building. 

It fosters networking, supports diversity and inclusion, and contributes to talent development and succession planning. 

By investing in mentorship, companies enhance individual professional growth and cultivate a positive workplace culture that values diversity, continuous learning, and employee satisfaction. 

The WIN mentorship program highlights the significant benefits that a mentorship program can have in your company. Ask your company to see if such a mentorship program exists. 

If not, try and explore the possibility of implementing or expanding these initiatives. A mentorship program like WIN can mutually benefit employees and the organization.

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