No matter how much the pandemic has directly impacted your business, there is one thing for sure — it’s changed the world forever. Literally overnight, many workers shifted to remote work, consumers turned to online shopping platforms, and supply chain processes stalled. Life as we knew it changed.

Even as markets begin to normalize, it’s become quite clear that things will not be going back to ‘normal.’ This realization means that businesses must acknowledge these changes and make the necessary adjustments to meet new employee and consumer demands.

This shift is especially important when it comes to digital transformation. Enhanced digital capabilities have become so critical today because both employees and consumers depend on technology so much. The shift started during the pandemic and they now expect these types of services to be the norm. Unfortunately, companies that fail to advance their digital capabilities risk being left behind in a post-pandemic market.


balance between tech and people

Many organizations have maintained a narrow focus on building their technological capabilities, while failing to acknowledge the people side of the transformation. The reality, however, is that an investment in technology without an equal investment in people, including training and skills development, can prove futile.

This is especially true today considering the growing skills gap plaguing employers across the country. Without developing talent and skills within the company at the same time as developing technology, your company risks not being able to maximize the use of its investment.

To eliminate this risk, organizations must rethink their digital transformation process and consider making it a people-first endeavor instead. Making sure you have the talent prior to investing in technology will enable your company to maximize potential. It’s only when tech and people go hand-in-hand that real business growth can flourish.

At Randstad, we have always prioritized the balance of tech and people. In fact, we know that it’s only through the combination of cutting-edge technology and human insights that exceptional hiring results can be achieved. This same philosophy holds true for digital transformation. We have pulled from our vast experience in connecting tech and people to develop a comprehensive guide to help you build a people-centric digital transformation process for your organization.

Download the white paper for more tips related to implementing a digital transformation that takes a people-first approach.

Key takeaways included in this white paper:

  • building a case for a digital transformation
  • insights into the importance of balancing tech and people
  • a step-by-step guide to enacting transformation
  • 5 keys to business transformation success
  • tips to secure the right HR partner to support your transformation

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