civil engineer jobs

civil engineer jobs

As a Civil Engineer, you work at high level planning, designing, implementing and supervising large construction and maintenance of buildings and facilities like roads, railways, airports, bridges, power plants and water and sewerage systems. These large-scale projects require your ability to solve complex problems, manage budgets and ensure safe, timely delivery. You’re employed by public and private industries or you could be self-employed.

civil engineering jobs

civil engineer job description

Civil Engineers can specialize in a number of areas; there are Geotechnical, Structural, Hydraulic, Environmental and Transportation Engineers, each performing a separate but integral function towards successful project completion. Your role as a Civil Engineer means you’re involved primarily in the design and planning of public works.

In the course of your workday, you might:

  • analyze  and interpret survey reports, maps and other data
  • budget and create cost estimates for construction costs
  • research and comprehend government regulations, potential risks and other factors
  • test soils and building materials
  • use design software
  • create proposals and tenders based on research and knowledge
  • establish and monitor construction work schedules
  • act as project or site supervisor for land survey or construction work

You generally work indoors in an office environment, but occasionally you’re outside at building and construction sites. Depending on the nature of your work, you may frequently travel away from home to consult or work on large engineering projects in other locations.

future possibilities

The increase in populations and subsequent construction and development of cities and infrastructures across Canada is creating an increase in the number of Civil Engineering roles available. While skilled Civil Engineers with foreign degrees have historically experienced difficulty accessing employment in their field, professional organizations are working to change their hiring experience. Experienced Civil Engineers can be promoted to management level jobs, in engineering firms, public administration and various sectors.

required skills and training

You require an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering or a related engineering discipline.  A graduate degree is an asset depending on your specialty and will position you well for advancement. Civil Engineers also require licensing by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers. You’re eligible for registration as a Civil Engineer following graduation and after three or four years of supervised work experience in Engineering and passing a professional practice examination.

As a Civil Engineer, you need exceptional mathematics and advanced math skills to analyze, design and troubleshoot problems. You need highly developed analytic and communication skills in order to write clear reports and communicate effectively with other professionals.

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