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civil engineering jobs
civil engineering jobs in canada
civil engineer jobs in canada

everything you need to know about civil engineering jobs

As a civil engineer, you plan, design, implement and supervise the construction and maintenance of buildings and other infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, bridges, power plants, water systems and sewer systems.

These large-scale projects require you to solve complex problems, manage tight budgets and ensure safe, timely delivery. You may work in public and private industries, or be self-employed. With increased spending on construction and other building activity, the demand for civil engineers in Canada is on the rise.

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average civil engineer salaries in canada

The housing boom in Canada has led to a steady demand for civil engineers. Canada's major city centres (including Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary) present the strongest job opportunities and salaries to match. Starting salaries in all of these markets are in the mid $60,000 range. Your compensation can climb as high as $80,000 with the right blend of experience and skill.

The weakest market for civil engineers is Quebec, where starting salaries dip well below $60,000. This is a pattern we see with all engineering jobs in the province, however. That said, as a civil engineer, you should have no problem finding work anywhere in Canada.



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civil engineering jobs in canada

what civil engineering jobs entail

As a civil engineer, you're primarily involved in the design and planning of public works. You can choose to specialize in a number of areas. Some of the most common specialties for civil engineers include: geotechnical, structural, hydraulic, environmental and transportation. Each of these engineering branches performs a separate but integral function. Engineers from each of these branches frequently work together to ensure the successful completion of projects.

Civil engineers work full-time hours, and generally work indoors, in an office environment. Occasionally you may be required to visit building and construction sites. Depending on the nature of your work, you may also be required to travel away from home to consult on engineering projects in other locations.

civil engineering jobs canada

your day to day work

Civil engineers divide their time between design review and site visits. As a civil engineer, some of your daily tasks will include:

  • analyzing and interpreting survey reports, maps and other data
  • budgeting and creating cost estimates for construction
  • researching government regulations, potential risks and other factors
  • testing soils and building materials
  • using design software to engineer structural designs
  • creating proposals and tenders based on research and knowledge
  • establishing and monitoring construction work schedules
  • acting as project manager or site supervisor
  • surveying land or monitoring construction work
civil engineering jobs in canada

where you can work

Civil engineers can work in the public or private sectors, in engineering firms, public administration, residential, commercial and industrial construction, amusement park design, manufacturing, and transportation.

As condos, retail centres, roads and other infrastructure are built, your expertise is needed to ensure these structures are safe and durable. Despite a somewhat lackluster economy, the housing market is strong. The housing boom in Canada had led to an increased volume of new structures being built, and a steady demand for civil engineers. Currently, the strongest demand for civil engineers in Canada's major city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary where homes and other infrastruture is being rapidly built.

what you bring to the table

As a civil engineer, you will need advanced math skills to analyze, design and troubleshoot problems. Highly developed analytic and communication skills will help you write clear reports and communicate effectively with other professionals.

To be a successful civil engineer, you'll need to be an expert in building codes and engineering principles. In addition to your technical competencies, employers will also be looking for candidates who:

  • are highly innovative and capable problem solvers
  • work well with other engineers and construction crews
  • understand federal, provincial and municipal building codes
  • adapt well to various work settings and construction sites

training and certifications

To be a civil engineer, you'll need an undergraduate degree in civil engineering or another related engineering discipline. A graduate degree will be an asset, and depending on your specialty may help you advance your career down the line.

Civil engineers must also be licensed, as the profession is government regulated. In most provinces, you can obtain your P.Eng certification, though the exact title may vary depending on where you live. Usually, you’re eligible for registration as a civil engineer after completing your education, three or four years of supervised work experience and successfully passing a professional practice examination.

where your career is headed

The population growth and subsequent construction in several major cities across Canada has led to a steady demand for civil engineers. With an aging workforce and growing opportunities in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, the future is looking bright for civil engineer jobs in Canada.

While skilled civil engineers with foreign degrees have historically experienced difficulty accessing employment, professional organizations are actively working to change their hiring practices.

Experienced civil engineers can seek out promotions to management roles, or transition into other areas of engineering such city planning or consulting.

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