accounts receivable clerk jobs

accounts receivable clerk jobs

As an Accounts Receivable Clerk, you ensure your organization receives payment from clients. To this end, you prepare and send bills, statements and reminders to clients, record and process payments, post financial transactions to an accounting system and possibly make bank deposits. Sometimes you provide other clerical support as needed.

You’re usually employed by a mid- to large sized company, where it becomes necessary for Accounting Clerks to specialize in order to increase efficiency. You work in an office environment in a variety of industries and organizations within the public and private sectors, and report to a controller or your department head.

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accounts receivable clerk job description

In your role as an Accounting Clerk, you may:

  • prepare bills, invoices and account statements using computerized and manual systems
  • code and enter incoming payments and record transactions, verifying they are complete or paid to terms
  • issue credits
  • arrange for payment of past due accounts
  • monitor accounting systems to ensure optimal functionality
  • respond to customer inquiries
  • make deposits if your company receives money by cash or check

future possibilities

Recently, employment opportunities for Accounts Receivable Clerks have increased as accounting activities have become more computerized and economies improve. It’s more important than ever that organizations keep monies owed to them flowing. More organizations are using more advanced accounting software so that the roles historically performed by accountants can now done by Accounting Clerks, and particularly Accounts Receivable and Payable Clerks who have technical skills.

In your role, you can reach supervisory or management status with experience or aspire to other jobs requiring good communication and technical skills.  

Opportunities arise internally due to retirements and promotions. Gaining experience, honing your skills and continuous learning can help you advance to positions like Accountant, Payroll & Benefits Administrator or Manager, and other financial supervisory and managerial roles.

required skills

  • A successful Accounts Receivable Clerk needs:
  • strong math skills
  • attention to detail and problem solving
  • good organizational skills
  • ethical standards and professionalism
  • computer and technology skills
  • good people skills
  • good communication skills


To succeed as an Accounts Receivable Clerk, you need at least a high school diploma. Many employers require successful completion of a diploma program from an accredited vocational institution, with an emphasis on administration, accounting, and office system technology. Take advantage of courses or training opportunities whenever you can. It may be necessary for you to be bonded. Fluency in both French and English is an asset.

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