millwright jobs

millwright jobs

If you’re a Millwright, yours is a hands-on position guided by principals of precision and safety. Your job includes the installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment in sites such as factories, production plants and recreational facilities. Unlike the Millwrights of generations past, most millwrights today never work in a “mill” (i.e., processing flour), but are instead employed in manufacturing and maintenance environments where they can use their skill sets to best advantage.

millwright jobs

millwright job description

Millwright jobs can be found in a wide range of manufacturing and maintenance areas.  They are physical jobs, and thus require someone with endurance, stamina and a level of physical fitness. As a Millwright, you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty as you lift objects or get underneath a piece of machinery to evaluate, fix, maintain and adjust its parts. You likely report to a Maintenance Manager or Supervisor.

A Millwright who’s shown his or her abilities to be superior can expect to be rewarded with promotions.  This is especially true for Millwrights who choose to join unions where pay scales are predetermined based on a number of upfront factors.

As a Millwright, it’s critically important that safety is your prime concern. That’s because you work with machinery primarily in construction or plant maintenance. You often work closely with other trades people such as machinists, instrument mechanics, welders, electricians and pipefitters. Your working conditions may vary from one job to another. On construction job sites, you’re exposed to a variety of weather conditions. In plant maintenance, you may work indoors and outdoors. Hours of work vary: shift work and some overtime may be required.


As the maintenance and construction professional of a business, you need to ensure that machinery is in good working order. All parts of every machine under your responsibility (e.g., valves, pumps, assembly lines) must run to specifications; otherwise, operations – not to mention safety – could be compromised. 

In general, the personality traits that you share with the best Millwrights include someone who is interested in precision, able to understand how to read blueprints, able to follow instructions (especially those of a technical nature), how to install machinery, how to lay out and how to fix machinery.  A high degree of ability in using implements like hammers, crowbars, etc., is necessary for your success.  

Because you often work closely with others, you need to be a consummate team player with strong, accurate communication skills.

required skills and training

Though formal higher education is not required, most Millwrights undergo apprenticeship programs that last an average of four years.  During apprenticeship, you can expect to learn in both hands-on and classroom environments.

To thrive as a Millwright, you should enjoy variety, security and performing precision work with machinery and equipment.


With the exception of apprentice Millwrights, if you seek a full-time Millwright job, you must be able to confidently show several years of experience under the tutelage of another Millwright.

skills and certifications

You need to be able to think critically and make good decisions.  Often, your judgment can mean the difference between whether a machine works or not. So confidence in your abilities is important. This can come about by seeking certifications offered through a union or professional association, as well as taking courses in a university atmosphere.

Red Seal certification allows construction millwrights and industrial mechanics (except textile) to work anywhere in Canada.

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