Businesses in the top industries for logistics professionals are seeing increases in online sales, ongoing inflation, and a customer preference for fast and quick delivery options. 

These challenges drive demand for the best logistics jobs of 2024; employers need workers to handle and deliver inventory. In fact, the top logistics certification in 2024 relates to the transportation of dangerous goods. 

Investments in automation and technology have helped streamline many processes, but the labour shortage is still affecting businesses. Jobseekers can obtain the best logistics salaries for 2024 by mastering the top in-demand skills for logistics professionals.

logistics jobs
logistics jobs

the most sought-after jobs in 2024 in the logistics sector

Considering the significant increase in demand for quick and fast deliveries for online shopping, it’s not surprising that truck and delivery drivers’ roles are still on our list with logistics coordinators at the top two spots on our list of most in-demand jobs for 2024. 

These logistics professionals ensure that goods and materials reach their destinations as needed. The three new positions appearing in our top this year are operations coordinators, production coordinators, and schedulers.

what is the average salary of people working in logistics?

Salaries for logistics professionals vary based on experience and employer. On average, those in junior-level jobs make $18.30 per hour. Mid-level employees earn an average of $25.20 per hour, and senior professionals earn about $35.60 hourly. Download our salary guide for precise pay details for different provinces and job titles.

top trending logistics certifications for 2024

Due to the complexities of handling and transporting dangerous goods, logistics employers are continuously seeking candidates who are certified in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) as well as Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems (WHMIS). Additionally, holding a license to drive a commercial truck or forklift will also give you an advantage over candidates without these credentials.

the most sough-after logistics skills

Find out what skills and certifications employers are looking for in logistics jobs in 2024. Candidates looking for a job in the logistics industry should be sure to include any of these valuable skills on their resumes.

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