While markets are beginning to return to normal in many industries, to the point where they are comparable to pre-pandemic levels, the pandemic will still have radically transformed businesses. There are still challenges that cause headaches for executives and managers, from continuous supply chain disruptions to ever-changing customer demands to global labor shortages. Organizations need a solid mix of creative initiatives and rigorous processes to find new sources of revenue, revise their investment plans or impose budgetary constraints. It's no wonder that finance and business professionals are in such high demand! 

If you're looking for a better job, now's the time to beef up your resume because opportunities abound!  Here are some of the skills and competencies most actively sought by employers in 2022.


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top jobs 2022

1. accounting

More than ever, accountants are in high demand. But what is expected of them has changed as the pandemic has progressed.  At the beginning of the crisis, employers needed CPAs' experience in short-term cash management, analyzing the costs of office space, or securing government grants. Today, CPAs are needed for their expertise in change management and organizational transformation, as companies place greater emphasis on strategic planning and analysis.

2. bookkeeping

Bookkeeping tops our list of top jobs this year, as it is more important than ever for companies to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial statements. 

3. internal audit

Increasingly stringent compliance requirements are forcing most large companies to maintain an internal audit function. As a result, the demand for internal auditors is increasing. Responsible for ensuring the proper conduct of all financial and accounting functions within a company, auditors assess potential risks and problems with the company's current practices and propose solutions. 

4. financial analysis

Financial analysts, while dropping one spot on our list of most in-demand jobs in 2022 compared to last year, still play an extremely important role in today's market. Business leaders turn to them when they want help with short- and long-term financial planning, but also advice to guide them toward making critical business decisions.

5. business analysis

The digital revolution is driving the growing demand for business analysts. Companies are generating a phenomenal amount of data, especially as they increasingly turn to digital marketing. They need business analysts to interpret this data and identify trends, which they can use to make informed decisions.

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what about salaries?

Intermediate finance and accounting jobs in 2022 can claim a median annual salary of $88,500. Entry-level professionals earn a median salary of $38,700 per year, while professionals with more experience in accounting and finance earn an average annual salary of $138,200.

the most in-demand skills 

Certain skills come back year after year, such as Excel, bilingualism in French and English, and public accounting. But as companies increasingly integrate technology into their business processes, they are actively seeking professionals who are proficient in digital technology, platforms and processes. 

So it's no surprise to find two new skills on our lists: 

power BI

Power BI, Microsoft's business intelligence platform, allows companies to bring together a wealth of data in a single program and generate reports and dashboards for future analysis. Finance and accounting professionals, especially analysts, need to have professional experience in using Power BI in order to work in this industry.

python programming

Python is a computer programming language often used in applications that involve data analysis, machine learning and cloud computing. With the increase in the use of technology and massive data in the finance and accounting industry, it is crucial for industry professionals to understand Python.

Increasingly, organizations are hiring "purple people". Who are they? They are people who have both business and technology skills. In the world of business intelligence, red is associated with technologists and blue with business people. The color purple is formed by mixing two primary colors: red and blue. These colors symbolize strong, distinct and independent perspectives.  "Purple" professionals are key intermediaries who can reconcile business and IT and forge a strong and lasting partnership between these functions, bringing tremendous value to the organization. 

So, by adding technology or digital skills to your financial expertise, you can significantly expand your job prospects. In 2022, more than ever, organizations need the bright lights of finance and accounting professionals! 

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