Experts predict an increase in demand for engineering positions in the coming years. To stay on top of the trends and make the most of your potential, explore our different sections on: 


the most in-demand engineering jobs in canada in 2023

In 2023, the most in-demand engineering jobs are in mechanical engineering, followed closely by electrical engineering technicians. The growth of the construction industry is driving change in the job market; employers across Canada have an increased need for construction project managers who can oversee large-scale building projects. Companies are also looking for estimators to assess potential costs accurately. Many of the top engineering jobs, including project engineers and project managers, require a broad knowledge base and management experience.

engineering average salary in canada right now

Salaries within the engineering industry vary based on experience, skills and qualifications. The highest-paid engineers earn an average salary of $114,800 annually, while the lowest-paid positions have an average annual salary of $66,300. On the other hand, mid-level engineers maintain an average annual salary of $93,000.

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most important skills for engineering jobs in canada

In 2023, AutoCAD is the most-requested skill for engineers, pulling ahead of project management. The remaining three top skills are all-new this year; companies want candidates who are well-versed in health and safety and comfortable with the engineering design process. Explore the top skills and certifications that make you more competitive.

top industries for engineers to explore this year

In 2023, the top industry for engineers in Canada is professional, scientific and technical services. Engineers do still play a vital role in a range of other industries including manufacturing, construction and public administration. They can also find jobs in the administrative and support, and waste management and remediation services sector.

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