Looking for a job is a big task. We get it. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help give you tools that will be beneficial to you while you’re job searching. Finding the perfect job online is more about having the perfect resume and cover letter. 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary research tool. Many take a look at your LinkedIn profile before they even get a chance to read your resume. Randstad Canada put together this guide on searching for your next job online to help guide you through the process. 


a look inside the guide. 

Finding your next job online guide will become your go-to resource while job hunting online. In this guide, you’re going to find the best tips on where to find a job online, how to protect yourself and your data, plus other helpful tips on how to curate your professional personality online. This guide makes it simple to guide you through the world of online job hunting. 

how to protect your data. 

Our lives have been transformed, and much of it has migrated online. So protecting your data has been a subject on the top of everyone’s mind. However, when it comes to protecting your data online, it comes down to you. In this guide, there are some helpful tips you can keep in mind while job hunting online. 

standing out as a job applicant.

There are a range of ways that you can stand out as an applicant online. From making it easier for recruiters to find you to build your networks, there are different techniques that you can use to help boost your professional presence online. These helpful tips are all included in this guide to help you search for your next role online. 

your ultimate guide to finding a job online.

This guide will walk you through searching for a job online, plus it includes a handy checklist!

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your next career step. 

If you’re looking for your dream job, the Make It Happen Toolkit has everything you need to make your next move a positive one. Now that you’ve learned how to safely and effectively look for jobs online, check out the next guide in this series to empower you to move into your next role with ease.

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It’s time to get into interview mode now that you’ve perfected your online job search. Check out our guide to acing your next interview.

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