COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the economy. People have been laid off, furloughed, and many companies have had to reassess if, when, and how they hire. This has put job seekers in a unique position. Should you look for jobs now? What do you need to do differently? Should you wait things out? These are all questions many job hunters are mulling over.

Even with the government taking steps to reopen the economy in provinces across Canada, the process of looking for a job has changed. We’ve created this list of actionable tips you can use to boost your job search during and after COVID-19:


1. accept that things have changed

The way you used to look for jobs has changed. The types of candidates companies are looking for, how they hire, recruiting processes, and work conditions have changed. You need to accept that what may have worked for you in the past may no longer be relevant in today’s job market. 

2. keep looking

Don’t stop your job search! Even if the companies you want to work for are not hiring or have put things on hold, it’s still important for you to keep looking for opportunities. The COVID-19 situation is very fluid. Things could change tomorrow or it could take months.

3. be patient

Patience is important. Even if you have initial contact with an employer looking to hire, you can expect a longer hiring process. Remote setups and challenging obstacles make it difficult for companies to operate. Recruiting is no different. Have patience as companies adapt to the new normal.

4. expand the types of jobs you’re interested in

The role you may have wanted or been interested in before the pandemic may not be available. Or it may be very different from what it was. Consider casting a wider net. Be open to different roles that you are well suited to. Perhaps it’s worth looking for similar roles in a different industry. Be flexible.

5. consider temporary roles

There are many companies in the service, logistics and health industries looking to hire right now. If you’re not able to find full-time permanent work in your field, consider a temporary job while you continue your job search. It’s a great way to make connections and keep a stream of income flowing.

6. leverage your online network

Even if employers are not hiring, it’s still very important to put feelers out there. Connect with your network and make it known you are looking to make a career move. Your network is one of the best sources to find a new opportunity.

7. be ready for video interviews

Video job interviews are the new normal. Are you comfortable being on camera and setting up your video feed and microphone? Have you used video chat and meeting tools? If not, it’s time to start using them and get familiar with them so you’re comfortable and natural if you need to be ready for a video interview.

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8. update your skills

The skills and traits companies are looking for are changing. One thing that COVID-19 has highlighted is the need for people with technology skills. It’s also put a spotlight on the importance for companies to have people who have resolve. People who are flexible, adaptable, and have strong change management skills are in high demand.  Highlight these skills and traits on your resume and job application.

9. follow up

If you haven’t heard from a company after applying, make sure to follow up. There are a lot of moving parts right now. Following up and re-communicating your interest will help keep you top of mind when companies start moving forward with hiring.


Looking for a job always has its challenges. COVID-19 has made it even more challenging. Staying consistent, leveraging your network, and adapting to the changing work world is the key to make yourself the right candidate for the job.

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