We’ve expanded our list of top in-demand skills for finance and accounting professionals to 10 this year to highlight the wide range of skills required in the sector for 2022. All six skill sets for 2022, including Excel, bilingual French and public accounting, are on our 2023 list, along with some new capabilities, such as Power BI, forensic accounting and Python

1. public accounting

Public accountants conduct independent examinations and audits of company accounting records and financial statements to ensure compliance and offer financial advice. Experience in public accounting and in-depth knowledge of all accounting standards is particularly important for those seeking employment with a professional accounting firm.

2. microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel has been a staple in the finance and accounting industry for decades. Professionals hoping to land a job in this field must have extensive knowledge of Excel, including how to set up a database, insert accurate functions and make adjustments as necessary.

3. bookkeeping

Companies across Canada are looking for financial professionals with solid bookkeeping skills. You can make yourself more marketable by proving your ability to maintain accurate records of sales, purchases, payments and other business transactions. Other key skills include managing general ledgers, reconciling accounts and creating and paying invoices.

4. auditing

Auditing is the process of assessing a company's financial records, finding potential problems and correcting them. To be an effective auditor, you must pay close attention to detail, understand a wide range of financial systems and thrive in high-pressure situations. Strong problem-solving and communication skills also help auditors perform well.


5. bilingual french/english

Finance and accounting professionals who are proficient in both the English and French language have a significant advantage over candidates who are not bilingual. In fact, many companies are seeking out candidates who are bilingual in French to ensure they are able to speak to coworkers, clients and vendors in their preferred language.

6. SAP applications

SAP applications enable companies to record transactions, manage accounts and create financial reports digitally. Employers are looking for employees who are proficient in SAP software — that way, they can hit the ground running with minimal training. Focus on learning how to perform common accounting tasks, including reporting, reconciliation and budgeting.

7. accounting softwares

Employers use a wide range of accounting software programs to handle their books. A working knowledge of programs such as NetSuite, QuickBooks or Xero can make you a more competitive candidate. Not sure which one to learn? Look for trends in the job listings for your target industry or location.

8. dashboard/reporting

Finance and accounting professionals at advanced or senior levels must have experience managing and analyzing accounting dashboards and working with reporting software. These analytical tools allow financial advisors to see a clear picture of all company data on one convenient dashboard or report.

9. power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence) enables companies to gather data into one platform as well as generate reports and dashboards for further analysis. Finance and accounting professionals, especially analysts, must have experience working with Power BI to be successful on the job.

Man and woman speaking in an finance office
Man and woman speaking in an finance office

top finance and accounting certification in 2022

The top in-demand certifications for business and accounting professionals remained nearly the same from 2021 to 2022. The only changes were the addition of Certified Information System Auditors and CBV asset evaluators. Professionals seeking careers in this field should consider earning one or more of these highly sought-after credentials.

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