Let’s be honest, finding a job isn’t an easy task. Though looking for a new opportunity may be difficult, there are some simple yet effective things that you can do to help ease the process. That’s where this guide comes into help!


this guide will be your go-to companion. 

Here at Randstad, we know a thing or two about job hunting. We know that you can’t overestimate the importance and power of a well-written and thought-out resume and cover letter. That’s why we put together this guide to help you while you embark on the next phase of your career. This will be your go-to guide. Here’s a little sneak peek of what you’ll find. 

how to write an effective resume. 

Recruiters spend on average 6 seconds per resume. That means you only have 6 seconds to impress a recruiter. That’s why it’s essential to put some time and effort into making your resume easy to read and can. Conversely, a poor-quality resume can lead to wasted time applying to jobs with zero results. In this guide, you’ll learn how to build the perfect resume to land you the job. 

how to write an awesome cover letter. 

Now it’s time to think about writing a cover letter. Yep, you’ve heard right, a cover letter. Did you know that many applicants fail to include one? It's a mistake to think that the hiring managers will never read them. Well, they do. Cover letters are a crucial differentiator to help you stand out from all of the other applicants. In this guide, you’ll gain valuable tips on creating a cover letter that will impress recruiters.

your guide to writing the perfect resume and cover letter

Access lots of tips and tricks to make yourself stand out in the recruitment process.

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your next career step. 

If you're looking for your dream job, the Make It Happen Toolkit has everything you need to make your next move a positive one. Building your resume and writing a cover letter is the first step and guide to help you land your next role. Don't forget to explore each section of this series, which you can download from our site to help empower you to move into your next role with ease.

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