Are you thinking about making a career change? Looking for a job because you have been out of work during the COVID-19 pandemic? The post-COVID-19 job market is already different from before. In addition to an influx of remote jobs, video job interviews, and physical distancing measures, employers have also changed what they are looking for in candidates.

The economy, job roles, and the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace have shifted the types of skills employers need. Communication, adaptability to change, and technology skills are in high demand today. Candidates need to reflect these skills on their resume or you risk being overlooked in favour of candidates who have them.


are you looking for work right now? search our latest jobs to find the one that’s right for you.

highlight the right skills

There is a new set of skills that employers are seeking. Make sure to highlight them in your result. Focus on:

  • communication skills: What communications tools do you have experience with?
  • technology skills: What technology skills, abilities, and certifications do you have? Are you strong with data analytics? What about working with remote software and hardware?
  • change management: How have you been able to manage the ever-changing circumstances from COVID-19?
  • soft skills: Emotional intelligence, motivation, leadership, problem solving, and flexibility are key skills to possess.

are you willing to work remotely?

Employers are looking for employees who are adaptable. They want people who can be flexible with when, where, and how they work. We don’t know how COVID-19 will affect the workplace in the future, but candidates who are willing to work remotely with flexible hours will be preferred. Make it clear whether or not you are willing to work remotely. If you are flexible with your work schedule, let employers know.

the COVID-19 employment gap

Were you laid off because of COVID-19? Thousands of other workers were as well. So, there is no need to hide the fact you were laid off on your resume. Employers are understanding of the situation. In fact, they are on the hunt for top talent who were laid off. Now is an opportunity for them to hire people who are not usually available.

what have you done during COVID-19?

If you were laid off during COVID-19, mention what you have done with your time.

  • did you take on some temp work or take a part time job?
  • do you take any professional development courses?
  • did you add new skills to your skillset?
  • do you take on a volunteer role?

Showing that you were proactive and made use of the time will help you impress your employers. It shows you have drive, motivation, and are focused on growing professionally.

If you continued to work during COVID-19, include some information about how your job changed. Did you take on additional responsibilities? What changed in your role? Note anything that showed you were adaptive to the rapidly changing situation.

don’t forget to update your linkedIn profile

All of the changes you are making to your resume should also be reflected on your LinkedIn profile. It can also use a post-COVID-19 refresh to reflect your current situation.

COVID-19 has certainly changed a lot for job candidates and employers alike. Things are going to continue to change. Candidates who prove they are prepared for the post-COVID-19 work environment will be more attractive to hiring companies. Give your resume a quick refresh to improve your chances of getting a callback.

are you looking for work right now? search our latest jobs to find the one that’s right for you.