what is an HR assistant?

A human resources assistant is primarily responsible for improving the general working conditions of a company or industry. To do this, he must be able to manage any conflicts within a team of employees, to offer appropriate training to staff in order to improve their skills, and to be an effective, responsive and benevolent relay between workers and management.

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average HR assistant salary

Your average human resources assistant salary varies greatly depending on the nature of your position, but also on your experience, the type of establishment and the geographical area where you work.

Are you starting your career as a human resources assistant? Your starting salary will usually be between $36,000 and $43,000. After 5 years of experience, it can reach $65,000 if you have proven yourself, or even more if you have specialized in a specific area such as finance, mediation or consultancy.

average salary for a human resources assistant in canada

annual: $36,800 monthly: $3,066 weekly: $707 hourly: $17

Among the regions in Canada with the highest salaries for human resources assistants, we can name:

  • Nunavut Territory
  • The province of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Alberta
  • The province of Ontario
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types of HR assistant

As an HR assistant, you can work for the HR manager or other professionals in human resources. Hence, your role will depend on the HR professional you work for in the department. Some of the types of HR assistants include:

2 womens looking at a computer screen
2 womens looking at a computer screen

Generalist HR assistants: As a generalist HR assistant, you assist all HR professionals, especially the manager and director. Your duties involve managing HR professionals' calendars and informing them of any issues arising among employees. You also complete other administrative functions like recording workers' information and passing on employee requests to the HR professionals.

Payroll HR assistants: When you are the HR assistant to the payroll specialist, you support them by performing the administrative functions in the role. For instance, you keep records of employees in the company and update the payroll system in case of changes. Aside from maintaining the personnel database, you also record employee attendance and hours worked. After payroll processing, you deliver the paychecks to the workers.

Employee relations HR assistant: When you are the assistant to the employee relations expert, you keep track of the changes in legislation. You assist the employee relations specialist in developing policies in line with government standards and regulations. You also schedule employees according to their skills and motivate them to improve performance. If the company has a library, recreational facilities or lunchroom, you are responsible for ensuring the facilities are in good shape.

Talent acquisition HR assistant: Your job is to assist in the recruitment process by creating job descriptions and contacting shortlisted candidates for interviews. You also organize the interview venue and plan onboarding activities for new hires. Sometimes you verify the applicants' references, portfolios and CVs before recording their details in the Human Resource Information systems (HRIS).


working as an HR assistant

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HR assistant skills and education

Here again, the training required to practice the profession of human resources assistant differs from one company or establishment to another. At a minimum, a college degree is usually required by employers. Having a university degree is obviously an additional advantage, especially if you have studied or trained in a sector related to human resources (administration, commerce, psychology, communication, etc.). 

The most demanding employers may decide to recruit only a candidate who already has one or more years of experience in the field of human resources or who possesses the title of Certified Human Resources Consultant (CRHA). These qualifications are mainly required for positions of high responsibility or in very large companies.


FAQs about HR assistant jobs

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