what is a maintenance technician?

As a maintenance technician, you solve mechanical or electrical problems in building systems. You check problems in various systems and find solutions to repair the damage. You inspect buildings, equipment and systems. If you find issues, you perform general maintenance and schedule repairs for damaged structures and faulty equipment.

Maintenance technicians work in many industries, keeping machines and equipment in good order. You perform routine maintenance procedures and troubleshoot any problems that arise. The job also involves fixing mechanical or electrical issues in manufacturing processes and support systems. You are in charge of a facility, such as an apartment or office, and manage or inspect the systems within the building.

the importance of a maintenance technician's role

Every business is racing against the clock to maximize profits. As a maintenance technician, you keep manufacturing processes running smoothly. Minimizing downtime is important, as your duty is to prevent product quality and output from suffering. Apart from preventing revenue loss, you are essential in enhancing a company's reputation for reliability.

Working as a maintenance technician requires technical knowledge of the machines and equipment. For instance, to complete your duties, it is important to have a solid understanding of hydraulics, plumbing and various electrical systems.

Would working as a maintenance technician suit your multitasking skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a maintenance technician role.

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average maintenance technician salary

According to Job Bank, the average salary of a maintenance technician is $55,779 per year — or $28.60 an hour. In an entry-level position, you start with a lower salary of $42,919 yearly. The most experienced maintenance technicians make up to $68,890 annually.

how to increase your salary as a maintenance technician

As a maintenance technician, you start with a lower salary. This is because you have minimal experience and expertise. After gaining additional skills and experience, you are likely to earn more. Your specialization could also influence your earnings, particularly since some areas in Canada require additional training or trade certifications.

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types of maintenance technicians

Some common types of maintenance technicians include:

  • industrial maintenance technicians: as an industrial maintenance technician, you work in industrial settings. In production or manufacturing facilities, you perform routine maintenance tasks and complete repairs on various machines. Your job includes solving mechanical and electrical issues.
  • property maintenance technicians: as a building maintenance technician, you handle repairs and maintenance tasks in residential and commercial buildings. Repairs include plumbing, electrical, air conditioning system maintenance and carpentry. You also maintain the fire and safety systems within the building. Your job involves evaluating building systems, like fire alarms and sprinkler systems. You also respond to tenant reports or on-premise maintenance issues.
  • fleet maintenance technicians: as a maintenance technician in the transport and logistics industries, you are responsible for servicing and repairing a fleet of vehicles. You also perform preventive maintenance and general repairs on the transit facility.
woman operating a machine
woman operating a machine

working as a maintenance technician

Working as a maintenance technician entails performing scheduled checks on equipment and machinery. Here are the specific duties, work environments and job outlook for the role of a maintenance technician.


maintenance technician skills and education

If you want to be a maintenance technician in Canada, the requirements include the following:

  • apprenticeship program: upon completion of secondary school, find a training course or vocational program to start your career in maintenance. An industrial machinery or millwrighting apprenticeship program prepares you for the role. When you complete the training, you earn a trade certificate. You can also complete the interprovincial Red Seal examination to earn an endorsement.
  • work experience: the apprenticeship program teaches you many skills and provides you with on-the-job training hours. Improve your experience through an entry-level maintenance worker role. In some regions, you may require additional trade certification from a regulatory authority to work as a maintenance technician. For instance, in Alberta, the role is regulated by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industrial Training.

competencies and characteristics of maintenance technicians

Some of the qualities of a maintenance technician include:

  • technical skills: to qualify as a maintenance technician, you need working knowledge of the equipment, systems and facilities you maintain and repair. Your hydraulic and electrical systems knowledge is important since most repairs rely on mechanical and electrical skills.
  • time-management skills: as a maintenance technician, you need time-management skills to minimize downtime as much as possible. Time management also helps you schedule co-workers and tasks appropriately.
  • diagnostic skills: the primary role of a maintenance technician is to identify problems and solve them as quickly as possible. Your diagnostic skills help you identify system irregularities in the buildings you manage.
  • communication skills: as a maintenance technician, you communicate with other team members and give them explicit instructions on what they should be doing. Your communication skills improve work efficiency.
  • attention to detail: it is important to avoid damage when conducting repairs, troubleshooting or performing routine tests. Attentiveness to detail ensures you don't miss any routine maintenance responsibilities.
  • multitasking skills: as a maintenance technician, you are called to various equipment and machine breakdowns and juggle various tasks. Your multitasking skills help you prioritize and complete tasks on time.

FAQs about maintenance technician jobs

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a maintenance technician.


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