what is a production supervisor?

As a production supervisor, you are a middle-level management employee overseeing the production staff. Your main responsibility is to manage and supervise the production process and workers to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. You organize workers in the production unit by organizing tasks, setting deadlines and overseeing production activities. You also manage the equipment to ensure efficiency in production and manufacturing.

Since you supervise the production team, you keep the production line operational and maintain a continuous production process. You maximize production times without compromising product quality or staff safety. Maintaining operational efficiency is an important aspect of your role. That means you troubleshoot equipment and production lines to avoid downtimes.

As a production supervisor, you perform an oversight role that requires technical knowledge of the entire production process. Aside from technical skills, you also need soft skills to manage other workers. For instance, the role involves giving detailed instructions to workers and guiding them through the production process. Hence, you require great communication skills to communicate clearly and concisely.

The production industry also involves constant deadlines and glitches that require thinking on your feet and acting quickly. As a production supervisor, you need great decision-making skills and the ability to act quickly to avoid derailing the production process.

Would working as a production supervisor suits your decision-making skills and attentiveness to detail? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a production supervisor role.

production supervisor jobs

average production supervisor salary

According to Job Bank, the average hourly salary of a production supervisor is $24.04. In an entry-level role, your earnings as a production supervisor start at $16.94 per hour. As you improve your skills, your earnings also increase, and some jobs have hourly rates of up to $39.42 per hour.

how to increase your salary as a production supervisor

  • experience: the earnings of a production supervisor depend on various factors. For instance, if you have a few years of experience, you can negotiate a higher salary compared to production supervisors new in the role. Your work hours also influence your earnings. When you work full-time, you are likely to earn a higher hourly wage than production supervisors working part-time. Working weekends and overtime increases your earnings since employers pay more for working additional hours.
  • industry: the industry you work in may also influence your earnings. For instance, production supervisors working in manufacturing may earn higher or lower than those in the food processing industries, depending on the range of duties involved.
  • location: in Canada, your location determines your earnings. For instance, the average hourly rate for production supervisors in Alberta is $31.25 and can rise to $43.27 based on experience and qualifications. Some regions, like New Brunswick, have lower earnings for production supervisors and your hourly rates average at $20.
workers in an industrial setting
workers in an industrial setting

types of production supervisors

Production supervisors work in various production units and industries. Some of the types of production supervisors include:


working as a production supervisor

Are you looking for an interesting role in the production or manufacturing sector? If you are attracted to a career as a production supervisor, read on to explore the daily activities and responsibilities associated with the role.


production supervisor skills and education

A production supervisor doesn't require specific educational qualifications. When you work in manufacturing, qualifications or certifications in engineering or manufacturing improve your knowledge and skills. For instance, a bachelor's degree in engineering or manufacturing develops your expertise. Having the necessary work experience in production also prepares you for the role and gives you leadership experience.

competencies and characteristics of production supervisors

As a production supervisor, you require technical knowledge and competencies to execute your duties. Some of the qualities necessary for the role include:

  • communication skills: as a production supervisor, you are tasked with giving instructions to the production team. Your communication skills help you relay information accurately and concisely to keep everyone informed and updated on the tasks.
  • attention to detail: as a production supervisor, having an eye for detail helps avoid mistakes. Small details have big effects on safety and product quality. Your attentiveness helps you anticipate problems and plan the production schedule to accommodate them.
  • decision-making skills: as a production supervisor, being confident in your decisions and anticipating outcomes is important. You should think on your feet to evaluate the impact of your decisions and make the right choices.


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