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A sales associate engages consumers in the retail environment and helps them find the products they need. Unlike other sales jobs, your focus is on B2C consultation and improving the potential customer's shopping experience instead of prospecting. As a sales associate, it is essential to have extensive knowledge of your client's products and hands-on experience selling directly to customers.


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what is the job of a sales associate?

Sales representatives assist clients and customers in the purchasing process. When consumers first enter the store, they welcome clients, let them know about any new deals, and guide them through the selling process. Sales representatives retrieve specific products for clients when they ask for help finding them. Sales representatives have knowledge of the goods that their firm sells so that they can answer questions from clients with accurate information.

why is this job in demand?

A good sales associate can make a business successful, which is why they are some of Canada's most in-demand skilled workers. With the labour shortage, there is a talent scarcity of sales associates. Many companies need sales associates, especially in the retail and hospitality industries. During the pandemic, when many retail and hospitality locations were closed, many former associates found new work, and now stores and hospitality are back up and running with a new increase in demand. There is a shortage of talent to support the new growth. 

what are the career prospects?

This is an excellent time to get into the industry, as there are ample growth opportunities for many sales associates, including management and growth for both professional and interpersonal skills. With a shortage of workers, many job openings are going unfilled. From now until 2028, there is expected to be a total of 126,500 job openings for sales associates across Canada, and it is expected to grow even more past then.

what can you expect in terms of salary?

For a sales associate, entry-level positions vary between 46k to 69k, mid-level: 50k to 76K and senior: 64k to 84K

Where the salary are higher: Ottawa, Ontario 

what skills do you need to thrive on the job?

Communication skills are the backbone of customer interaction. Strong communication skills are essential for sales associates because they primarily interact with customers and the public. Having a customer-focused mindset is necessary, and it involves centering the wants and needs of the customer at the center of what you do on the job. It’s about prioritizing building trust with the customer during sales by going above and beyond with customer service.

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what do sales associate jobs entail?

Your primary responsibility as a sales associate is to engage customers and show them the benefits of the products you are selling. Hence, your duties involve highlighting promotions and answering customers' questions concerning the products or services. Some sales associates are involved in visual merchandising and ensuring customers complete the buying process.

what is a typical work schedule for sales associates

In Canada, sales associates typically work an average of 40 hours a week in full-time positions. You can also opt for part-time work or work from home, which reduces the weekly working hours. Your workdays are the regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless it is a peak shopping period or around holidays. It is possible to work evenings and weekends during busy holidays or sales events. Since sales associates often work with strict deadlines, your work schedule should enable you to meet sales quotas and other deadlines. Your role also involves travelling, especially when introducing new products to the market. However, overseas travel is rare unless you work in a senior-level position.

what are the pros of sales associate jobs?

Becoming a sales associate is a fulfilling career due to the numerous positive aspects of the job. Some of the benefits include:

  • Flexibility: As a sales associate, you will enjoy the flexibility of working from home or part-time work. It is easier to plan your life or education around your career and schedule. If you get bored quickly, a sales associate position is ideal for you. No two days are similar in sales; your co-workers and customers change every day, giving you a dynamic work environment.
  • Earn a commission: Aside from your take-home salary, you can earn more on commission-based contracts since you get a percentage of the sales you make. Sales associates who are self-motivated and persuasive take home a bigger slice of the pie through commissions and bonuses for meeting sales quotas.
  • Exclusive discounts: Sales associates can save money with exclusive deals awarded on store merchandise. If you work at a retail chain, you will likely get employee discounts and other exclusive bargains, allowing you to maximize your budget.
  • Minimal experience required: You can join the sales associate career from any field with minimal education requirements. It helps to have the necessary skills and hands-on experience to help you excel at the job.

what are the cons of sales associate jobs?

Some of the drawbacks of joining the sales associate career path include:

  • Slow advancement: Advancing within the company as a sales associate is difficult due to the limited managerial positions in sales. However, there are different career paths from a sales associate role when advancing to an administrative position. For example, you can branch into marketing or customer service.
  • Limited income potential: Due to the minimum experience and qualifications required, your income potential as a sales associate is lower than careers that require specific training and qualifications. However, you can boost your income with commissions and bonuses.
  • Teleworking and remote work can be challenging: If your employer permits remote work, you need to work extra hard to leverage social media channels and make sales online.
  • Work-related competition: Working in sales comes with emotional pressure and competition from co-workers. The deadlines and targets also lead to stress if you do not manage the tasks properly. However, if you create a plan, you can accomplish your responsibilities on time and minimize unnecessary pressure.

what are common sales associate interview questions?

The specific sales associate interview questions depend on the employer and the skills they want. Some of the common questions include:

  • Why should we employ you? This tricky question will make or break a career. Highlight your skills, competencies and experiences that make you the perfect fit for the job. Show your interviewer that you are the ideal candidate without being conceited.
  • How do you ensure good customer service? When answering the question, express your opinion on good customer service and explain various techniques of ensuring good customer service. The employer is not interested in a precise set of actions but your ability to provide a personalized shopping experience to each customer.
  • What should you do if a buyer wants a product you don't have? Your answers should be creative to show your persuasion skills. It will help if you highlight ways to satisfy a customer's needs with other products in the store that are the closest fit to what they need.

sales associate resume and cover letter requirements

Your sales associate resume should provide the following information:

  • Name, contacts and other personal information
  • Skills and competencies related to sales
  • Educational background and qualifications
  • Hobbies and interests that can boost your sales associate career
  • Accomplishments in the sales and retail industry

When writing your sales associate cover letter, ensure it compliments your resume by expounding on your achievements. Using hard figures and specific keywords in the cover letter increases your chances of being shortlisted for the role. You should also emphasize your sales skills and explain why you are the best fit for the job.

what is the job outlook for sales associates?

Working as a sales associate in Canada is a promising career with great prospects and opportunities for career progression. Becoming a sales associate is a stepping-stone for a managerial position in sales. You can progress from entry-level to a senior sales associate before becoming an account manager or branching into customer service.

what are the different types of sales associate jobs?

  • Inside sales associates: An inside sales associate works with customers inside a retail store to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience. Your job often involves upselling products or services and following up on client referrals. You will also assist customers in the buying process by answering questions and demonstrating the use of the products. Your target is to increase client sales through in-person meetings and telephone calls.
  • Outside sales associates: An external sales associate focuses on traditional sales tactics like in-person interactions to boost sales. Your job is to foster strong relationships with existing clients and identify new clients. Your role entails travelling for face-to-face meetings, conducting product demonstrations, documenting sales leads, and monitoring competitors to understand customers' needs.
  • Retail sales associate: When you are a sales associate in a retail business, your job is to welcome customers and help them shop. If they have inquiries, you provide answers and suggest items based on the information provided. Your tasks may also vary depending on the type of retail store. For instance, in pet stores, you have to explain various product benefits to your customers and make suggestions that suit their pets’ needs.

what are the duties and responsibilities of sales associates?

Your specific tasks depend on the company you work for, but the most common include the following:

  • Selling products and services: As a sales associate, your work is to increase sales by ensuring customers get what they want. Aside from increasing sales on existing customers, you also generate new leads and follow-up referrals through phone calls or in-person meetings.
  • Recommending solutions: It is crucial to understand your customers' needs by talking to them. When you assess their needs, you can recommend the ideal products to solve their problems. You should be an expert in the merchandise you sell to provide practical suggestions and make your customers happy with your recommendations.
  • Answering questions: As a sales associate, you are in charge of customer interactions. That includes answering questions and explaining policies or warranties on various products. Some of the questions may be as simple as helping customers locate specific items in a store. You will also respond to inquiries about the functions of a product and the prices or payment options available in the business.
  • Product demonstration: Visual merchandising is a popular way to increase sales, and most sales associates use their creativity to create eye-catching displays. When a customer's curiosity is piqued through visual presentations, sales associates often use product demonstrations to drive interest and encourage sales. Some of the roles in product demonstration include going through tutorials of technology products with customers. Alternatively, you can assist customers in trying out the latest clothes and accessories or prepare a recipe using a product you are promoting.
  • Processing purchases: Your role as a sales associate involves handling customer payments during promotional events or as a cashier. When taking payments, you have to scan the barcodes to enter the details into the point-of-sale system and calculate the amount a customer should pay.
  • Explaining promotional terms: Sales associates often receive first-hand information on the available discounts and promotional events. You are responsible for educating your customers about the deals and explaining the terms and conditions of the discounts. Your role also includes calculating the discounted prices for customers and giving them ideas on ways to increase savings at the store.

where do sales associates typically work?

Sales associates often work in the retail and marketing industry. You can work in major retail outlets, supermarket chains and shops to arrange visual displays of merchandise and interact with customers on the sales floor. Whether you work in a supermarket or a small retail outlet, your responsibilities are almost similar. Aside from working in sales and marketing industries, you also promote items from specific manufacturers in supermarkets and do product demonstrations to increase sales. Self-employment is also an option, but you need to work for a company first to gain the skills and experience necessary to excel.

Smiling woman looking up while walking outside.
Smiling woman looking up while walking outside.
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what is the average salary for a sales associate?

Sales associate jobs are primarily entry-level positions, and the salary depends on the employer. Entry-level sales associates in Canada earn an average of $22,813 per year, while those in mid-level positions take home $26,316 annually. When you gain experience, you can earn up to $33,150 a year. Your compensation package may increase or decrease depending on the company you work for and the benefits. For instance, if your company has bonuses or commission-based salaries, it will increase your earning potential. Some regions also pay higher wages due to the high cost of living or increased shopping activities, which affect the work hours and the complexity of the sales associate job.

average sales associate salaries in canada

  • annual: $26,316
  • monthly: $2,193
  • weekly: $506
  • hourly: $13.50

Top paying areas for sales associates in Canada include Quebec, British Columbia, Yukon and Alberta.

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skills & training

what skills and competencies do sales associates need?

You should have the following soft skills to be a good sales associate:

  • Communication: Being a sales associate is about providing the best service to your customers and communicating with your team clearly to achieve objectives. You can offer better services by actively listening to your customers, understanding their problems and finding solutions. Sales associates often work in teams, where giving and receiving feedback is expected. Excellent communication and listening skills make you a valuable salesperson and team member.
  • Math and money handling skills: Your job as a sales associate involves processing payments and calculating discounts for customers. Brush up on your math skills to assist you with calculating payments. Math skills can also be handy if your job involves handling the inventory of your employer. You need to ensure your company and customers align financially and avoid overcharging or undercharging.
  • POS or CRM software skills: Most sales associates need customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage sales contacts and transactions. Knowing how to use CRM software streamlines your work and ensures you keep all your customers happy. If you are a retail sales associate, CRM is unnecessary. Instead, you will need skills in the point-of-sale system (POS), which speeds up the processing of customer transactions.
  • Creative problem-solving: To become a successful sales associate, you should be a problem solver. With a solution-oriented mindset, you can creatively solve problems and ensure customers are happy. Customers often contact sales associates when they experience problems with a product they bought. Aside from providing troubleshooting solutions, sales associates relay the feedback to producers to ensure the next products are of the best quality.
  • Empathic attitude: As a sales associate, you are the first point of contact for customers tasked with helping them solve their problems. To provide the best recommendations, you should empathize with customers’ problems to find the ideal solution for their needs.
  • Adaptability: Juggling many tasks is the order of the day when you are a sales associate. You should be organized to work against tight deadlines and be adaptable to a flexible work environment. When products change, it is important to adjust to ensure successful marketing.

what training and certifications do sales associates need?

While joining the sales associate career doesn't require a college degree or any special certifications, educational qualifications are crucial to your career. For entry-level positions, you need a high school diploma and on-the-job training to join the industry. Some of the academic qualifications that will build your career include:

  • College degree: A college degree in business administration or a related field will help you learn the basics of becoming a sales associate. It also prepares you for management positions in the sales or retail industry. If you don't qualify for a degree, start with a certificate or diploma course.
  • Certifications: Aspiring sales associates don't need a certificate, but getting one can improve your career prospects. In Canada, sales associates need accreditation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA). To become a certified sales associate, you should complete 35 hours of pre-requisite education and take an exam from the CPSA.
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