Residual effects of the pandemic are quite noticeable in the Canadian job market, with the most prominent being the ongoing labour shortage. Some people are still hesitant to return to work, especially those in customer-facing roles. Employers interested in overcoming this shortage and attracting the best talent will need to incentivize top candidates by matching the increases in our salary guide. 

woman sitting in front of computer smiling
woman sitting in front of computer smiling

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product manager 

Nobody can read minds — but if anyone could tell you what customers want, it would be a product manager. This job involves learning what consumers are looking for, then using that information to successfully launch products. Along with evaluating client needs, product managers consider factors like timeline, budget and business objectives. They’re also responsible for bringing teams from different departments together and promoting a smooth workflow. 

Salary varies depending on location, but most product manager positions start at around $83,000 annually. More experienced managers may make up to $130,000 per year.

If you have management experience and want to increase your earning potential, a product manager position may be right for you.

customer service supervisor

Customer service reps are constantly in demand — and so are customer service supervisors. Today’s customer service supervisors handle sizable teams in call center and on-site settings. They onboard, train, motivate and appraise reps, and help to improve customer service standards across the board. 

Customer service managers don’t just deal with their own team members — they also handle customers. When reps can’t resolve situations independently, supervisors step in and smooth things out. 

Customer service supervisor salaries generally start at $60-67K depending on location. Some experienced customer service managers make up to $100K a year. 

Overall, customer service supervisor roles are a great choice if you enjoy interacting with people and want to boost your salary. 

inside sales rep

Forget about door-to-door sales: inside sales people earn money sitting behind a desk. Put simply, inside sales reps sell products directly to businesses or directly to consumers over the phone, via email or via chat. Many tech products, software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions and other high-value items are sold by inside sales teams.

Inside sales reps fall into one of two categories: sales development reps, or SDRs, and business development reps, or BDRs. SDRs handle warm leads and inbound calls; BDRs make connections via outbound cold calls.

Inside sales rep salaries begin at about $55-67K, but higher earners can make up to $85K per annum. Some inside sales positions have a base-salary-plus-commission structure.

Those who appreciate opportunities for career and salary growth should apply for inside sales rep positions. 

business development manager

Business development managers are strategy mavens. They network with other business leaders, build B2B connections and draft blueprints for growth. Astute and resourceful, these out-of-the-box thinkers work with other people in their organizations to determine sales goals, forecast revenue and make projections. 

On a day-to-day basis, business development managers chase leads, connect with new clients and nurture budding B2C relationships. In the past, business development managers met with most clients face to face; in the post-pandemic era, many of these meetings happen via video chat.

Business managers earn $90-100K, depending on location. Successful industry veterans take home as much as $165K per year.

Anyone who has business leadership skills and wants to increase their salary should consider a business development manager role. 

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Merchandisers plan and implement enticing product displays, set prices, organize promotions and decide what to do with excess stock. In other words, they pick up where buyers leave off. Merchandiser responsibilities depend on the retailer they work for: some merchandisers work in larger teams; others design planograms and come up with seasonal signage.

Merchandisers at big box stores and head office-based retail pros collaborate with department heads, buyers, business development managers and other executives. 

The starting salary for a visual merchandiser hovers around $62K, depending on location. High-flying merchandisers at bigger companies earn up to $105K.

Merchandiser positions offer a chance to be creative, develop valuable communication skills and increase your salary. 

digital marketing manager

Digital marketing managers wear many different hats. In simple terms, they work to increase their employers’ reach and reputation across the digital landscape. They develop online marketing strategies to boost brand awareness, analyze market research to make companies more relatable and build robust sales funnels.

Digital marketing managers determine content marketing strategies and work with creative professionals. Later, they monitor the results of marketing campaigns and adjust tactics accordingly.

Most digital marketing managers specialize in specific arenas: SEO, social media or ecommerce, for instance. Salaries depend on experience and location, but start at about $65K and with over 5 years of experience go up to $100K.

While salaries vary depending on area of expertise, digital marketing manager roles generally offer great earning potential.

communications manager

Communications specialists, analysts and managers build and maintain their employers’ narratives. They create consistent messages and maintain them across communications channels — on their employers’ websites, via traditional media, on social media, in advertising and via word of mouth. They’re responsible for internal as well as external messaging, so to an extent, they’re also morale officers.

All sorts of organizations employ communications professionals: government agencies, corporations, SMBs and brands all benefit from a standardized message.

Communications specialist salaries begin at $55-75K, while communications managers make between $65-85K a year. Sought-after communications pros sometimes command $110K or more per annum.

Ultimately, communications manager positions give you a chance to expand your skills, knowledge and salary. 

account manager 

Account managers are consumer-focused professionals. They’re the first point of contact for clients, so they have to be very good at customer service. Account managers create and maintain relationships with existing clients and onboard new clients. Customers are assigned specific account managers and generally stay with them long term.

On a typical day, account managers communicate with clients, identify new sales opportunities, write reports and meet with supervisors and other team members. 

Account manager salaries vary widely. It isn’t uncommon for an account manager to make $50-65K per year — and that can increase to $65-85K a year with experience. 

If you’re detail-oriented, enjoy working with customers and want to boost your salary, consider applying as an account manager role. 

project manager 

Project managers plan, organize and manage specific projects. Some supervise creative teams, while others oversee construction work or manage research projects. They have to maintain and distribute budgets, stay within scope and complete projects on time. 

Project managers have a lot of control over the programs they’re put in charge of. The decisions they make help to shape the organizations they work for.

In many areas, the starting salary for a project manager is $55-75K. Project managers in larger cities like Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton sometimes make more. After 10 years, some project managers take home between $80-95K.5

Overall, project manager roles offer lots of room to grow, meaning you can greatly increase your salary with experience. 

From interactive customer service positions to behind-the-scenes jobs, there’s something for everyone in sales and marketing. And, the more experience you gain, the more you can expect to grow — both career and salary-wise. 

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