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The Canadian aerospace industry has been a global leader in aerospace for decades, producing some of the world's finest planes and vehicles. It’s no wonder that Canada has some of the most exciting opportunities worldwide.

We can help you find opportunities, and embark on an exciting career. Whether you’re a technician or a manager, a skilled tradesman or an inspector, our recruiting experts will help you take your career to new levels.

aerospace salaries in canada

Your salary will depend on your role and employer. Most salaried jobs (such as engineers, mechanics and quality control) can expect starting salaries in the $50,000 range or higher.

Jobs that rely on skilled trades (such as CNC machinists, welders, or assemblers) may be paid hourly rates ranging from $20 an hour to as high as $40, depending on your job title and location.

Supervisor or manager roles will also boost your earning potential. For instance, a production manager can command upwards of $80,000 in most Canadian markets.

learn about aerospace jobs

Aerospace jobs are centered in the manufacturing industry. Some of the most common jobs in this industry that employers are seeking to fill include aircraft maintenance, quality control and roles such as the ones below.

your day to day tasks

The broad range of jobs in this industry means your work will vary depending on your job title. Some of your daily tasks you may include:

  • assembling aircraft or components
  • working on electrical, structural or mechanical systems
  • drafting designs, blueprints or schematics
  • interpreting designs for production
  • maintaining or repairing aircraft
  • operating heavy machinery
  • inspecting aircraft for quality control
  • managing or leading a team or personnel

where you can work

The bulk of jobs in this sector are found in manufacturing, though aerospace jobs can range in scope.

Some common fields in this industry include: engineering, assembly and manufacturing, quality control, and maintenance. You will most likely work in a casual, industrial setting. You may wear a uniform or your own clothes.

what you bring to the table

To work in this competative industry, you must be highly detail-oriented. You probably have a degree in engineering or experience with skilled trades. You're fascinated by machines and how they work. You're driven to create and innovate. You also work well in team settings, as you must frequently collaborate with others to do your job effectively.

training and certifications

Aerospace jobs often require a degree in engineering or a related field. Alternatively, you may have a diploma or on-the-job experience in a skilled trade field such as welding, mechanics or electrical.

Depending on your area of specialty, you may be able to obtain certificates that further demonstrate your expertise to employers. If you're working in engineering, for instance, you can obtain engineering certifications in your province.

where your career is headed

Aerospace jobs have plenty of room for advancement. Most jobs allow you to graduate into supervisory roles once you gain experience and prove your leadership ability. Jobs such as foreman, team lead, assembly supervisor, maintenance supervisor, production supervisor and quality control supervisor require prior experience in the field and will come with a pay increase.

Another option is to further your education and obtain new in-demand credentials. Post-secondary education or training in engineering, computer science, management and even some skilled trades may open up new aerospace opportunities to you.

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