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The city of Calgary has about 5,300 bilingual customer service jobs, which is a 2.6% drop from the previous year. This continues the decline of jobs of this nature in the city. Since 2007, bilingual customer service jobs have dropped by 22.9% overall. Candidates need to be strong communicators in multiple languages and have additional skills to be considered for these roles. Contact Randstad Canada to get the inside track about job availability and hiring companies.

bilingual customer service salaries in Calgary

Being able to speak and communicate in a number of languages can help boost your earning potential. Many bilingual reps receive pay bonuses or incentives for their ability to speak with customers in multiple languages. Here are the average annual salaries for bilingual customer service professionals working in the Calgary region:

Entry level salary: $35k to $46k
Intermediate salary: $42k to $48k
Senior salary: $46k to $51k

top industries for bilingual customer service workers in Calgary

Whether you work in business, telecommunications, or even local government, there is a need to have communication skills and be able to speak with people in multiple languages. If you are looking for career opportunities in Calgary, here are the top industries to focus on as part of your job search for bilingual customer service jobs:

  • Business support services
  • Wired telecommunications carriers
  • Automobile dealers
  • Employment services
  • Local administration

in demand skills in Calgary

The ability to speak French and other languages is only a portion of job requirements for bilingual customer service reps. Strong communication, sales, and business skills are needed to effectively help customers in today’s business climate. In demand skills are also based on the industry in which you work. Here are the top in demand skills in Calgary for bilingual customer service professionals:

  • Bilingual French
  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Investment banking
  • Corporate social responsibility

next steps for bilingual customer service representatives

Similar to many other customer service careers, you’ll have opportunities in many industries and with companies of all sizes. Your skills and experience will equip you for team leader, supervisor, and management roles in the future.

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