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Business systems analysts are a staple in just about every industry due to the ubiquitous nature of computers and digital technology. As a business systems analyst, you play an important role in maintaining the proficiency, legality and usefulness of your company’s business systems and networks.

Boasting an extremely low unemployment rate, a career path as a business systems analyst will lead to steady work in a burgeoning field. If you're computer and tech savvy, this may be the field for you!

what business systems analyst jobs entail

Business systems analyst jobs are tied to computers and technology, so you will likely be working in an office setting. Due to the demands of your job, you will almost certainly work full-time hours, and may even be required to work overtime if ongoing projects demand your attention. You will most likely report to someone in the IT department.

average business systems analyst salaries

As a business systems analyst new to the field, you can expect a salary of approximately $65,000 to $70,000 depending on your area of expertise and location. Experienced business systems analysts (with 5 years of experience or more) can make salaries into the $75,000 to $95,000 range depending on their area of specialty and skill.

Salaries for business system analysts are fairly consistent across Canada, indicating strong demand from coast to coast. You'll find many business systems analyst job opportunities in a wide range of industries and corporate settings. As with many business-centric jobs, the strongest markets are city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary.

your day to day tasks

Business systems analyst jobs are ideal for individuals who like to maintain order, investigate issues and quantify output. To be a business systems analyst, you must be a problem-solver who is capable of scrutinizing information, and making sound judgments. Some business systems analyst jobs may require you to work on budgets for your employer or clients. Tasks throughout your work day will include things like:

  • preparing and writing business requirements
  • researching government regulations and ensuring compliance
  • designing and analyzing complex business processes
  • interfacing with others and presenting your findings to them
  • analyzing 3rd party systems and planning integrations
  • working with business sponsors, vendors and other partners
  • documenting and modeling business system requirements
  • directing project management and development teams

where you can work

Although the specifications of your job may change depending on the company you work at, as a business systems analyst, you are in demand. Your company will rely on your expertise to help guide key business decisions.

Your skills as a business system analyst will prove invaluable at companies in all industries across Canada. Demand and salaries are consistently high from coast to coast, reflecting the value you offer employers.

what you bring to the table

Business systems analysts are expected to have a keen eye for investigation and make important decisions. A proven track record of being able to manage projects and tie them to business objectives will help you secure a business system analyst job.

It’s also helpful to be familiar with any or all of the following platforms and protocols: COBOL, software documentation and design, C and process improvement.

Being able to multitask is another key component of being a business systems analyst, so documented skills in that arena can help boost you to the top of the “to interview” pile when seeking a business systems analyst job.

training and certifications

Typically, business systems analysts need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field from an accredited college or university. Some business systems analyst jobs may even require a Master’s degree. Occasionally, obtaining a number of industry certifications may suffice in lieu of a traditional four-year diploma. It depends on the company you work for and their requirements for the job.

Familiarity with or certifications in any or all of the following platforms and protocols will be helpful and may increase your earning potential: COBOL, software documentation and design, C and process improvement.

where your career is headed

Business systems analysts with excellent communication skills and a few years of experience can expect to be offered promotions within the IT department, to supervisory and management roles.

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