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The number of civil engineering jobs in Vancouver in 2017 saw a growth of 2.1% over 2016. In total there were 4,700 jobs. As the city continues to grow and develop, the demand for skilled civil engineers will grow to accompany it.

civil engineer salaries in vancouver

Salaries for civil engineers in Vancouver are among the best in Canada, second only to Calgary. Skilled civil engineers working in Vancouver can expect to be paid well for their work.

Entry level salary: $59.6k - $80.0k
Intermediate salary: $69k - $94.1k
Senior salary: $80.3k - $107.6k

top industries for civil engineers in vancouver

Numerous industry are seeking civil engineers in Vancouver, here are the five most prominent:

  1. architectural engineering
  2. local public administration
  3. non-residential building construction
  4. rail transportation
  5. provincial administration

in demand skills in vancouver

Civil engineers in Vancouver are expected to bring numerous skills to the table, including the following:

  • autoCAD
  • bilingual
  • microsoft office
  • SAP
  • quality assurance (QA)

next steps for civil engineers

Civil engineers bring a highly specialized skillset to their work and can expect to further develop their skills as their career progresses. They can eventually expect senior or leadership roles within their engineering teams as their career develops.

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