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about commercial property managers

Commercial property managers take on a leadership role at commercial building sites, managing building projects and ensuring that processes run smoothly. Commercial property managers oversee engineering, janitorial, security, and other services within a commercial property. Commercial property managers may also monitor equipment, make sure that building activities commence as planned. Some of the many responsibilities of a commercial propery manager include operation and repair of building systems, performing or supervising equipment installation, and ensuring that the building meets safety regulations and codes.

what commercial property manager jobs entail

Commercial property managers work onsite at commercial buildings and projects, overseeing projects and maintenance. As a commercial property manager, you will typically report to a senior director or other high-level official, and are often considered to be the de facto leader on the building team. Commercial property managers may have a typical work-week, but the ability to stay on and work at night is often expected if emergencies or other issues arise.

average commercial property manager salaries

Commercial property manager is a management role with many functions that require skill and experience to perform up to standard. As a result, commercial property managers are quite well paid across the country. On average, junior commercial property managers can expect to earn around $84,500 annually, while more experienced and senior managers can earn up to $145,250 annually.

your day to day tasks

Commercial property managers are leaders who are not only expected to deal with issues as they arise, but to perform preventative maintenance, performing regular maintenance or repairs in their building. Duties of commercial property managers can include:

  • overseeing operation, maintenance and repairs
  • installation and maintenance of HVAC, water treatment, electrical, lighting, plumbing, etc.
  • reviewing and coordinating work assignments for building staff
  • inspecting building processes and equipment
  • complying with safety and fire codes
  • performing building administration

where you can work

Commercial property management jobs are typically found in urban environments where there are numerous condos, apartments, office structures and other buildings that require regular maintenance. Major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are those where commercial property managers are in high demand.

what you bring to the table

Commercial property managers are required to bring numerous skills and certifications to the job. Some skills that will serve you well as a commercial property manager include:

  • management experience
  • administrative skills
  • communication skills
  • time management
  • problem solving skills
  • familiarity with building functions and repairs
  • understanding of fire and safety codes
  • ability to diagnose, service, and maintain equipment

training and certifications

Commercial property managers are expected to have substantial credentials before they begin work. Many positions may require you to have engineering certifications and an engineering license due to the technical nature of the position. HVAC training and certification is often required, as it is a central building function that must be maintained. Training for building services and operations is also typically required. Finally, having an understanding of legal codes and safety regulations is expected.

where your career is headed

Commercial building managers are a highly specialized and senior role and they are already near the top of the hierarchy for building management. Commercial building managers may eventually become senior directors in charge of the affairs and management of one or more buildings.

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