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Marketing communications coordinators have a diverse skill set. They support the sales and marketing function of the organization and commonly work on many unique projects that support company marketing efforts.

You will need to be an expert communicator, have experience with print and web advertising and marketing practices, and be the glue that brings together campaigns, events, and strategies. You will gain experience working on many different marketing initiatives, helping to prepare you for other more senior roles in marketing in the future.

what communications coordinator jobs entail

Communications coordinators typically work full-time hours in an office, though they may work remotely. You may also be required to work offsite, attend events, or travel. Expect to work some evenings to support marketing and promotional events. In most cases, you will report to a marketing manager. Your job may be defined further internally as you may be assigned to work on a specific product or campaign.

average communications coordinator salaries

The average salary for communications coordinator positions in Canada is approximately $43,000 annually. Salary for individuals new to the role with limited experience starts at about $35,000. With experience, you can expect to make up to $60,000 per year. Employee benefits and bonuses may also be included in your compensation package.

your day to day tasks

Communications coordinators balance a number of different tasks to support the marketing and sales department for their organization. You will engage in communications, marketing, sales, social media, and content development as part of your daily tasks. Some of the most common responsibilities included in job descriptions for communications coordinator roles include the following:

  • producing content for social media, blogs, and websites
  • researching product and service ideas, concepts
  • creating brochures, fact sheets, and other marketing materials
  • coordinating projects to ensure they are on schedule
  • planning and coordinating meetings and events
  • writing press releases
  • working as the liaison between other departments such as graphic design, sales, human resources
  • performing other tasks to support the marketing manager

where you can work

Communications coordinators can work for many different types of companies in all industries. Many work for large corporations, while others work for medium-sized businesses or marketing agencies. Some of the most popular industries for communications coordinator roles include sales, marketing, insurance, retail, and government agencies. Most opportunities for communications coordinators jobs exist in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and other regions with a large business and technology sector. However, location is becoming less of a factor, and some roles can now be completed remotely.

what you bring to the table

One of the keys to being successful as a marketing communications coordinator is to have a diverse marketing and communications skill set. Hiring companies look for the following skills when recruiting new communications coordinators for their marketing team:

  • corporate communications
  • web content management
  • public relations and media relations
  • social media marketing
  • microsoft office skills
  • event planning
  • technical writing
  • excellent time management and organizational skills
  • strong communications and presentation skills
  • the ability to work under tight deadlines
  • strong attention to detail
  • Additional skills may be required based on the specific role and functions outlined by hiring companies.

training and certifications

A university or college degree in marketing, public relations, journalism or business administration is required by most hiring companies. However, some also require a post graduate diploma or certificate in public relations or marketing. Additional marketing certifications are an asset, as well as internship or previous marketing experience. Additional training will be provided by the hiring company as the role evolves and new technology and programs are introduced.

where your career is headed

Since the role of communications coordinator is an entry level position in most organizations, there is ample room for career growth once you outgrow the position. For most, it’s a decision between communications and marketing. Most communications coordinators go on to roles such as communications specialist, communications manager, communications advisor, marketing communications coordinator, or marketing manager. With marketing careers continuing to grow and evolve, job prospects look good for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for communications coordinator or related jobs, contact Randstad Canada today. We can help you ramp up your job search and help you find the perfect role to match your skills.

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